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Sandown Separation Article Survives Town Meeting – Will Appear on Ballot


A warrant article question survived the deliberative process in the town of Sandown, New Hampshire this past Saturday. To paraphrase, “Do the Sandown voters want to begin the process of getting out from under the tyrannical boot of the Earl of Metzler to form a separate school district?”

Or maybe you’d prefer this version.

Shall the Town of Sandown begin actions to form a separate school district within SAU55 based on the Withdrawal Plan presented to the Board of Selectmen October 15, 2015 (to begin operation no sooner than July 2018) and to direct that this Withdrawal Plan shall be submitted to the New Hampshire Board of Education according to the minority report provisions of RSA 195:25-29, and, in order to meet the legal  requirements for initiating Sandown’s withdrawal, to further direct the Timberlane Regional School Board  to conduct a study of the feasibility and suitability of the withdrawal of Sandown from the Timberlane Regional School District under the provisions of RSA 195:25-29? No funds are appropriated to this warrant.

Pro-Metzler water-carriers are asking everyone to vote, in person or absentee, to oppose separation from Timberlane.

To everyone in the Timberalne School District, some wise words from Sheila Lowes below.Sandown absentee ballot…

Posted by Support Timberlane on Monday, January 18, 2016

There is much speculation about who is behind the Support Timberlane Facebook page, a question Donna Green asked over a year ago,

Will the real author of the Facebook page, Support Timberlane, please stand up?

I believe it is Gretchen  Grosky, the hired PR specialist for Timberlane.  If so it would put the district on the slippery edge of electioneering.

The cover page says “Join us in telling the GREENS that our kids, our teachers and our school district are not simply numbers!  Deliberative Session, Feb 5th. 7 pm”

If the page was started by a district/public employee, I am told that “this would be a violation of RSA 659:44-a Electioneering by Public Employees.”

It would not surprise me, nor would this. Reader 175jfs, who provided the context and links for this article, asks a good closing question. Given the call for all voting-age persons to return or to cast absentee ballots, will the SAU 55 stormtroopers (my word not his) resort to vote fraud to keep local towns from trying to escape Timberlane’s Tyrannical overlord, Earl Metzler?

Ballot box stuffing is perfectly legal in this state. Almost anyone can show up on election day, claim to be a resident, and vote at least once. So make sure you have plenty of pro-separation poll-watchers the day of your town elections.

Everyone who lives in Sandown and is of voting age should be allowed to vote, the problem is that not everyone who is IN Sandown on election day lives there or pays the taxes. In New Hampshire if you can’t be with the ballot box you love, love the one you’re with, especially if you are voting to defend educrats, bloating budgets, or union demands, but will never have to pay a dime of consequence out of your own pocket for that vote.

The Education industrial complex loves that sort of support.