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The Democrat Utopia of Baltimore Sets a New Murder Record


In 2015 Baltimore, Maryland set a new per-capita murder record. This is thanks, in part, to its previous mayor (the state’s former Gov. and current Democrat presidential candidate Martin “anti-gun” O’Malley), and the current mayor with her “rioters need room to riot” policies. This is just speculation but the room to destroy policy might have something to do with the record per-capita murder rate in the city. Maybe?

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air had some thoughts about this.

I’m not sure if any of the residents have been following the election news for the past couple of months, but their former mayor and governor has been running a campaign based largely on his success in passing some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation in their fair city. Also of note is that fact that this dubious honor was only the per capita record because Baltimore has been bleeding citizens for two decades and the population has plunged in the six figure range. It’s simply not a safe place for law abiding citizens to live.

Remember, Democrats love these anti-gun policies in Baltimore and they encourage riots. They also crap on cops every chance they get. Put together one might get a sense that Democrats not only do not want you to protect yourself they don’t want anyone else to do it either.

Where does that leave you? Someplace like Baltimore.

And that is the Democrat Utopian dream for you and your family. To make everywhere just like Baltimore.

Democrats will never stop trying to export the Baltimore experience (or Chicago or DC) all across the fruited plain. Every turn of phrase, every body they stand on, every lie, misleading statistic, every incremental piece of legislation is aimed at one goal; to disarm you so your plucky berg is like Baltimore.

Workforce housing and refugee resettlement are also part of the social re-engineering of the suburbs.

And every time you elect a Democrat, be it to the budget committee, the State House, Governor’s Mansion, or down in DC, you are asking for all of that because pro-Gun Democrats are rare, and not unlike moderate Muslims. Sure, they exist, but they know what happens to them if they speak out.