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Two-State Voter Jared Cram: More Proof That There is No Ballot Integrity In NH.

You may recall Democrat Jared Steven Cram.  He’s a lawyer in Pennsylvania, where he has been living, working, and voting continuously since 2005 (with the exception of 2008).  He has been registered in PA since 2002 as a student at PSU.  This is the same Jared Steven Cram who has also been continuously registered to vote and on the checklist in Wilton, New Hampshire, at his parent’s residence (which they sold in 2013).

I won’t bore you by rehashing all the history now because the most relevant bits are more recent and Ed Naile and I and Rich Girard are all in possession of copious notes and copies of documents should further clarification be required.

According to state records Jared Steven Cram Voted in the NH Presidential primary in 2012, the PA Presidential primary in 2012, and the NH General election in 2012, all while being a long time resident of Pennsylvania, and neither the NH AG’s office nor the NH Secretary of State care.  In fact, there is evidence to suggest they would rather hide evidence that Cram voted in NH.

Consider the evidence.

Jared Cram, voted every year without fail in PA, after 2005, except for 2008.  Jared Cram, the political activist, former Democrat NH House candidate (2002), and pro-Democrat all-in-Obama supporting  diarist at the Daily KoS.  Jared Cram, who was watching election results in New Hampshire in 2008, and writing about getting involved in 2010 PA Elections on Nov 10, 2008.

There is an electronic record that indicates Cram voted from Wilton, NH in the presidential election, in 2008.  The town of Wilton, however, could not produce a copy of that checklist.  Damaged- mold or something.  The State’s recreated scan of the checklist excludes Jared Cram as checked off.  The explanation for the electronic evidence is that it was entered incorrectly and Cram did not vote in Wilton in 2008 after all.

But there is no record of Cram voting in his home state of Pennsylvania in 2008 despite voting there in municipal or state/federal elections in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010*, 2011*, 2012*, 2013*, 2014*. (*voted in both primary and general elections on PA voter history, and in the same PA precinct from 2009 – 2014 – the 2009 move is documented on the Daily KoS).

So a rabid Democrat political activist, a damn near card carrying Marxist, who wrote often about Obama’s campaign at the less than moderate left web site Daily Kos; who wrote the day of the election about the election and the earliest available poll results in New Hampshire while they were being reported; who appears to have voted in a critical swing state (but then did not), did not cast a vote for Obama anywhere in the most trans-formative, history making Democrat election of his lifetime?  He did not vote for Obama?  He did not vote at all?

Who else finds that hard to believe?

According to NH Voting Records that were not lost, damaged, or allegedly scrubbed, Jared Steven Cram did vote (presumably for Obama) in the 2012 election.  He voted in NH in both the Primary and General electionsHe campaigned in NH for democrats.  He also bragged about voting in NH in his Daily KoS Diary.

So until 2014, when Ed Naile did the digging needed to uncover this duplicitous voting history, and we all began reporting it, Jared Steven Cram was living in Pennsylvania but continuously left on the Wilton, NH Voter checklist.   When it was convenient or necessary, Jared left his job and home in PA, and voted in Wilton, NH.

There is a record of Cram voting in a general primary in PA in 2014, but no record of him voting in the General election in 2014.  I have inquired about a general election vote record with Ed but had not heard back before publication.  But I suspect I know where he voted and that this too has probably vanished, though that is mere speculation for now.  He was still on the checklist until very recently.

This is all very important because there is no evidence that elected or appointed officials in New Hampshire care anything at all about this sort of thing except how it might make them look.  They are not interested in ballot integrity or the sanctity of your vote.  They don’t care about your rights or your voice.  They just want to be able to issue shiny election evaluations whose grasp of reality is little different from the sham election held by despots in which they always receive 99.7% of the vote.

Jared Steven Cram is one example.  There are hundreds, and very likely thousands, similar to him, in every major New Hampshire election.  And the only thing the state and your elected or appointed representatives have ever done about it is to sanctify it and defend it, while making it increasingly harder to uncover.

This is all deliberate.

Now, at this very moment, there is a case before the NH Supreme Court that will in all likelihood be decided contrary to common sense and even recent US Supreme Court cases regarding voter ID and domicile.  They will probably continue to allow anyone who shows up in the state to steal your vote, though I’d hope otherwise.

Thousands of people who do not live here, have no intention of ever living here, and many who appear only on election day, are picking your representatives, and they are deciding how much you will be taxed and regulated when they  do that.

If you have been siting idly by unawares, now you know.  If you knew but did nothing about it, time is running out.

In New Hampshire, the state is willing to give anyone from outside the state who wants it, a right you do not have.  The right to go vote in someone else’s state; to choose their elected officials or to vote on their ballot measures–yours.  As a NH resident, with a NH driver’s license, who lives and works here year round, you do not have that right.  Only people who are “NH residents” for voting purposes; who have a drivers license and domicile in another state, and who pay taxes from that address or can be called to jury duty there, and are very likely registered to vote in that state as well as in NH, are allowed to choose which state and which elections they can tip with their “voice.”

Every single one of them has the right to fill out an absentee ballot for their home residence and vote in their home precinct or polling place so no one is being denied the right to vote.   We know this because a number of the out of state voters have been voting absentee using NH addresses like that of Democrat NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark.

The only people being denied a vote are the people who really do live in New Hampshire.

So what are you prepared to do about that?