Dan Innis – Portsmouth slowly becoming anti-business

Dan Innis

Believe it or not, there are people in Portsmouth who ” feel compelled to limit the Numbers of businesses in the free market…” and Dan Innis can no longer remain silent.

Let’s take a moment to consider the outcome if all businesses in Portsmouth were artificially limited by the city government. When there are fewer competitors in a market, businesses do not have to compete on price, nor do they need to provide a high quality product. In fact, it is the consumer — you and me — who lose in artificially constrained markets. Prices are higher, quality is lower, choices are fewer. The only winners are the special interests who have a license to avoid competition. Competition makes all businesses better.

-Dan Innis (Portsmouth Business owner and former candidate for Congress)

Basic common sense to many of us but not so much for Portsmouth.

Please read the article and give Dan your support in comments.  He’s right on the money.

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