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Obama Administration’s Busy Day

retirement-planningA passenger plane was shot down with military ordinance, at 11:30 est, (turns out with American’s on board).  The perps appeared to be Russian separatists armed with Russian weapons.  his has significant regional and international complications but President “Reset” was too busy to comment…as if he had no idea what to say anyway…

12:50pm EST Motorcade stops at ‘Charcol Pit’ a popular restaurant in Wilmington Delaware.  Mingle.  Photo-ops.  Stores bout Joe Biden.

1:01pm EST President announces that he’s starving.  Orders a 4-ounce “Pit special,” (burger with fries), medium well, lettuce and tomato, drinks a water with lemon.  Eats.

Sometime after 2pm…

Obama: “It’s  terrible tragedy,”  60 second “nod” added to planned speech about infrastructure.  President who spent over 20 trillion in 5 years and added 8 trillion to debt says…Let’s build some bridges, lets build some roads, as if he has any clue or care how or if that actually gets done.

3:07pm  Wheels up and off to two Democrat fundraisers in NY (closed to the Press).

State Department opens briefing on…Afghanistan

9:36pm  Obama State Department issues tweet.