Odell and Stiles Must Go

buhbyeThe Senate compromise on Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire (SB 413) is based on the presumption that  no force on earth or in heaven would prevent the passage of the Democrat majority House Plan (HassanCare).  That Republican state Senator Nancy Stiles and Bob Odell are so committed to ignoring the fact that they are supposed to oppose this kind of trap and defend the people of New Hampshire, that the compromise (BradleyCare) is the lesser of two evils.

I’ve, more or less, known this all along.  Stiles announced very early in the session that she was voting for expansion and there are no Democrats who will oppose it (at least in the Senate) because it almost guarantees that we will end up needing even more government to hide the mess it will create and a broad-based tax to pay for it all.

Passage of something always seemed inevitable.  The end of the New Hampshire advantage was upon us.

But the exercise of opposition is not in vain.  Principles matter.  They must be defended.  They must be articulated, in hopes of finding the Republican nerve that should have existed in Nancy Stiles and Bob Odell.  Clearly they do not have it or have are too numb to feel it.

That makes them something else altogether.

Those who demonstrate complete disregard for the party and the platform, regardless of the reasoning, must know that there are political consequences for sacrificing the state on the altar of big government progressivism.

Saddling our state with expanded Medicaid, given all the facts, is unacceptable.  Someone must pay a political price.  Anyone who supports it, should pay a political price.  And while every Senate Republican who inevitably supports SB 413 should find their political future on thin ice, a primary candidate in their future, and endless waves of grassroots opposition, the two State Senators who put us in this position are Stiles and Odell.  Their support for the greater of two evils (The House Plan), forcing us to even consider the lesser of two evils, should not just end in their being primaried out of office.   They should be run out of politics altogether.

There is no excuse for what they are doing to New Hampshire.   We should have never been put in this position.  It violates every value the Republican platform exists to defend.    So, barring a 180 degree change of heart, under no circumstance should Odell or Stiles ever be elected to anything again in the state of New Hampshire.  Not as Republicans.

(And regardless of that, we clearly need to take back the NH House)