Did Jeanne Shaheen Vote For Debo Adegbile On Principle?

ShaheenVotes matter.  Associations matter.  Just ask a New Hampshire Democrat and they will tell you it is true; Republicans are all Tea-Party pimps, embraced by the Kochtopus, even if the Tea Party hates their left-leaning RINO ass, and they have never heard of the Koch brothers–let alone seen one thin dime in political contributions.  As far as Democrats are concerned….close enough.  Association matters.

New Hampshire US Senator Jeanne Shaheen voted to confirm Debo Adegbile to run the Department of Justice Civil rights division.  This is a division rife with controversy already, and Debo defended a cop-killer.   It does not appear to concern Senator Shaheen that Barack Obama, given all the candidates he might choose, picked a guy associated with a cop killer.   She blindly voted for his approval.

Now, more than a few of her Democrat Senate colleagues thought it mattered enough that it would harm their chances at re-election.  Enough Democrats opposed the nomination to kill it (even when they only needed 51 votes to move it forward under Reid’s nuclear option rules).

Jeanne Shaheen is up for re-election as well but she voted to approve Adegbile.

Jeanne Shaheen also sings right along with the rest of her Democrat party when it comes to smearing Republicans with even the most far-fetched associations.

So appointing the radical associated with the cop killer to a high-ranking post in the US Department of Justice must have been a principled Shaheen vote then?

Nice principles you got there.