Atkinson’s Bully Boy Consentino Not Morte’fied!

Update on the thug from Atkinson:

Last night there was an open candidates night for Atkinson residents to ask questions of two people who are running for Selectman in that sad, sad, crooked town.

One of the candidates is the notorious thug and bully, former Police Chief Phil Consentino.

I have written about the guy so many times I honestly can’t remember all the issues. Google him.

CNHT was called for assistance in getting rid of this human liability back in 2009 by people in Atkinson who rightly feared for their safety because of the documented, unhinged actions of this part-time chief.

Phil Consentino is a problem by himself but as with many bullies he draws brown-nosing sub-bullies into his fold. I have had one of these punks in my face when I was holding a camera flash drive several other sub-thugs were trying to get from a local guy who was taking pictures for CNHT. Our photographer was so scared he handed me the flash drive.

Things did not work out for that bully or the former moderator that afternoon.

Still, the powers that be in the NH Attorney General’s Office, the courts, the Eagle Tribune, and the gaggle of voters beholden to Consentino, who runs a private elderly affairs scam/taxi service with used Atkinson Police Dept. cruisers, keep this low-life in Atkinson’s positions of power.

Back to last nights “candidate” forum.

Consentino and the other selectman candidate were asked if they were ever fired from any public position, as Consentino was last year about this time after the Town settled a sexual harassment case out of court. Needless to say, Consentino was not happy.

After the inquisition was over the former police chief walked up to a citizen who asked an embarrassing question about the firing and sexual harassment case and said, “Mort’e” to him.

This particular word means “death” in several languages.

My thinking is that the former chief is of Italian heritage so let’s go with Italian.

Mort nor mort’e mean anything in English, but far be it from me to question the vocabulary of a thug who has been shoving people around in Atkinson for decades.

Maybe the State Police know what saying “mort’e” to someone you are mad at means.

How about the NH AG’s Office, maybe they can find a way to define mort’e as a pleasantry or happy greeting.

The NH AG proposes that asking co-eds to remove their clothes in exchange for getting a speeding ticket dropped in New London is perfectly legal – that was a police chief as well.

Welcome to New Hampshire where we let bullies who run police departments do their thing against a select few citizens. So no help from that department is expected. We don’t want to break a proud tradition.

One should not endlessly criticize without at least making a positive suggestion now and then.

Here is my suggestion to stop the thug in Atkinson from having to be bailed out of another jam by the people who are supposed to protect the public:

Phil Consentino runs a scam in Atkinson called, The Elderly Affairs Program.

It is funded partially by town money and donations. He has to report, annually, to the Charitable Trust Unit of the NH AG’s Office, a part of the AG’s Office that is not tainted by past questionable actions such as defending crooked cops and elections.

The Charitable trust Unit could pull Consentino’s Elderly Affairs Program non-profit status for this kind of behavior, or for the mystery of where the $12,000.00 he claims to have given Atkinson went that they say they never received.

This would at least take away the voting block of free taxi service votes he uses to stay in power.

Without the free taxi service Consentino runs, the other gutless selectmen might be able to run a clean town for the first time in 30 years.

Just a thought.