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In 2014 The NH-GOP Needs To Be The Party That Defends Ballot Intergity

If you could just stop letting out of staters vote from your house that'd be greatIn late December the Nashua Telegraph and Kevin Landrigan reported on the dual residency of once and no longer candidate for New Hampshire Governor, Chuck Rolecek.  The ‘investigation’ pointed out residency rules in South Carolina required to take advantage of certain property tax benefits in that state.   Drivers licenses, that sort of thing.  it was quirte detailed, at least as parroted by the Union Leader.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Telegraph (or any media in NH) applied the same diligence used in the Rolecek investigation (regarding matters of residency and voter registration) to the dozens of operatives, students, OFA flacks (see also Democrat voters) who helicoptered in to vote for Democrats in NH in 2012 (or previous years)–many voting from the homes of prominent Democrats, State Party officials, Nashua Candidates for the NH House, or state employees at the AG’s office–and then left?

We covered Jeb Bradley’s son and questions about Neal Kurk’s daughter on an equal playing field with the ACLU lawyers from Arkansas voting absentee as if they live in Portsmouth, residents of Massachusetts, students from Canada, relatives from DC or Virgina, activists from Illinois, Michigan, Hawaii, Berlin Germany, Criminals from England, and vote stealers from points all across the nation.    We don’t want any of them voting here.  We think they should vote absentee in their permanent residences, the one on their Driver’s license, and no where else.

When they don’t do that, and hundreds, maybe thousands did not, a fair and balanced media would invest just as much time and just as many column inches to the fine points of their questionable ethics (even when they are voting from the homes of NH Democrats) as they did to Chuck Rolecek, or Jeb Bradley’s son, or Neal Kurk’s daughter; any finger on that handful of potential “out of state” Republican voters whose sum in total cannot even match the number of questionable “voters” registered at Democrat party vice-chair Martha Fuller-Clark’s home in the historical voter-fraud district in Portsmouth in 2012.

These out of state voters are taking advantage of your disinterest, or is it timidity?

They are taking advantage of the quiet collusion between the Democrat party, the AG’s Office, the NH Secretary of State, a series of democrat Governors and elected legislators, the media, who benefit from it.  Those who hide the holes that allow the New Hampshire Democrat party to stuff ballot boxes all across the state (almost at will) without fear of a public uprising while doing their collectivist best to be dismissive about the new media effort to educate the people as to how and when their votes are being stolen.

Maybe the media, the bureaucracy, and even the Republican party are embarrassed?  Perhaps they fear that any serious reporting could jeopardize that plumb arrangement known as the first in the nation primary, which gives them access to candidates, photo-ops, hand shakes,  and the national exposure that goes with it?

Are a few months of full hotels and packed restaurants once every four years (and the quadrennial 15 minutes of ‘fame’) worth complicity in serial election fraud almost every single year?

I can assure you that the Democrats will continue to do it as long as there are no electoral repercussions.

The NH-AG and SoS can’t seem to be bothered, short of defending our reality television  ‘First in the nation primaryshow’  or publishing the Granite State equivalent of the Pravda report after each election ensuring the comrades that there is no vote fraud in the state.

Republicans do not seem the least bit concerned about the potential for being a permanent minority though given their recent legislative approach to abandoning their own platform, losing elections would certainly complete its transformation from policy Rosetta stone to Potemkin Village if that’s all it is going to be moving forward.

The fact of the matter is that if the NH-GOP refuses to take this problem seriously nothing else they do or say (ever) will matter all that much.  Their candidates will be little more than ritual sacrifices on the alter of voter fraud, a problem that will end when New Hampshire is just a big county in Northern Massachusetts.

If it helps, whether you are with us or not, we will keep on fighting.  We will keep exposing the flaws, the holes, and the fraud.

So while the same paid pundits who are hiding the vote fraud problem regale us with their predictions for 2014, we at GraniteGrok, NH Insider, Girard at Large, among others, the New Media Militia–what I have sometimes referred to as the Social media Militia–will continue the task of exposing and reporting on the single most important issue in New Hampshire, and it is not Medicaid Expansion; Medicaid Expansion shouldn’t even be an issue–it should be dead.   That “most important issue” is that none of our elected officials can claim legitimacy until we ensure that they were elected by the people of New Hampshire and not the roaming hordes of operatives, activists, and short-timers who continue to stuff your ballot boxes.  None of the issues we claim to support will matter if the Democrats need just bide their time until they steal enough of the right seats to roll them back.

Ballot box integrity is the most important right you can defend now or ever.  Without it no other right can survive for long.

One final point for the Party Republicans.  You may have noticed that the Right continues to have problems with turn out.  Republicans are losing local and special election by a few hundred votes.  Has it occurred to you that the GOP should stant up for ballot integrity and object evenly to any illegitimate or questionable votes regardless of party?  That if the NH-GOP were public and persistent in their challenge to out of state voters, that if they articulated the need, above all else, to protect and defend the sanctity of the ballot box to ensure that the voices of New Hampshire’s taxpayers were heard in every election, that you would send a message to people that no matter what party they vote for, or what issues they support, that the Republican party of New Hampshire is the party that will defend that voice because without it Granite Staters could not be sure if that voice had been silenced by electoral fraud.

No amount of money, no breathtaking oration, no targeted get out the vote strategy will get your message to more voters than the professional left is willing to cart into New Hampshire to steal key elections.

So instead of wasting breath, stump speeches, press releases, money, time, and resources bashing Conservatives and the Tea Party activists while we try to protect the integrity of  elections you shouldn’t lose,  you could use that energy to help us protect the integrity of elections you could be winning.

Worst case, you’d know that you were losing elections because people didn’t agree with your agenda instead of losing  because you kept letting the left define the issue and because an institutional indifference allowed the unchallenged cabal of left wing activists combined with the bureaucracies chronic disinterest, steal elections from you year after year.