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Ed Naile on Girard at Large to talk…Vote Fraud

Ed Naile on Girard At Large
Photo Credit – Girard at Large

Rich has been keeping City Clerk Matt Normand busy answering questions about the Manchester voter checklist.  Rich reports that there were 231 people registered to vote from 1200 Elm Street in 2012 and not one of them had an affidavit challenged.

But as Ed points out, the way the laws were written by Democrats, challenging a voter affidavit could get you charged with vote suppression, so anyone who might have the sense to challenge an out of state voter with no valid ID or proof of residency might also know they could get charged with a crime for trying to keep non-residents from voting in our local elections. (Yes. it is that bad.)

Ed mentions the a Legacki cohort from NC named Colleen Flanagan, a connection we mentioned briefly last Saturday on GrokTALK! and get’s into Ms. Flanagan’s Democrat Connecticut “street cred.”  He’s also got a teaser about how Flanagan turned her gig with the “Nut”-meg Democrat party into a $150K/year patronage job for Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy – whom our own Governor Hassan has been displeased with of late over renewable energy standards.

It’s a great segment, as always.  Be sure to check out the GAL web site for other audio and news that matters to New Hampshire.