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So Where is NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen on The Federal Effort To Overturn State Laws on Abortion?

ShaheenI like to ask people who support abortion (under any or all of the euphemisms they employ) how it feels to be a womb survivor?

“Must be nice to breathe air so you can drag it across your vocal cords to justify denying that right to others.”

That is what this all comes down to.  They only survived the womb because someone else didn’t kill them (or were not permitted to kill them) and then make excuses for why they were entitled to do it.   They didn’t or couldn’t kill you.

Choice, rights, reproductive freedoms, are all fancy terms no different than the acts of tyrant’s who observe that someone’s continued presence represents a measure of current or future inconvenience that must be removed.  “Everything they would ever be” is denied them by an arbitrary act based solely on the will of someone with the means and opportunity.

So you are only here because your mother did not kill you.  How comforting.

Demanding the right to deny life is not liberty, it is not freedom, it is not responsible, it is not anything but ending a person’s life for your own convenience.

Of course with abortion proponents argue that the unborn are not people.   That was also the excuse used to justify slavery.  They’re not people.  We can treat them any way we please.  That was never true for slavery, it is not true for the unborn.

Some states opposed slavery, and Republicans lead the charge to end it.  Republican’s lead the charge against slavery, against segregation, and we ended the right to keep slaves.  We ended Democrat laws that separated people based on color.   We have yet to free the unborn, but many states and their reople have advanced laws to protect their right to enjoy everything they can or will ever be by protecting them from arbitray executuion.

Naturally, being who they are,  Democrats in the US Senate are moving on legislation to supersede state laws on abortion.  To overturn, repeal, and unravel these protections.  They want more abortion, not less.

Why?  Because they need the distraction?  Because they think they can get enough Republicans to run scared on social issues to get it passed?  Because Democrats are inherently socialist eugenicists willing to bloody their tools to tinker with society?

It is no secret that Democrats were the party of slavery, segregation, population control (of the lower and underclass, including blacks) and they are also the party of abortion–which not coincidentally is a ‘right’ used predominantly by blacks and minorities and the lower class–the very people Margret Sanger thought the world needed less of when she was handing out contraception.  Stop them breeding.  Progressivism has simply moved forward to justify execution in the womb as a means to the same end.

But a huge majority of Americans object to live-birth abortion, a very large majority oppose abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, with significant numbers unwilling to advocate it for any reason but to save the mother’s life.   But none of that matters.  State’s exercising the will of the local electorate is only acceptable when it mirrors the Democrat agenda.

The Democrat US Senate is prepared to fix things.  So if the US Senate is moving to overturn state laws that protect the future lives of children, where does US Senator Jeanne Shaheen stand?

Jeanne Shaheen the Abortion Queen is most certainly a supporter of the Senate legislation, though we have yet to hear here name in connection with the bill.

We know she supports it because the abortion lobby represents Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s single largest campaign donor, ever.  In her political career they have contributed $1,800,000.00 ($1.8 million) dollars to get or keep her in office.  The next closest Shaheen donor is Trial Lawyers and law firms who fall a significant $600,000.00 dollars behind the abortion lobby.  No one else comes close.

The Conception to live-birth, all abortion all the time group EMILY’s List accounts for over half of that 1.8 million, doling out $965,000.00 dollars to Shaheen so far.  (The average American family has to work 20 years to earn that much.)

Despite this commitment by Big Abortion  Shaheen is not yet mentioned as one of the US Senators leading the charge on the effort to overturn state Abortion laws.

Barbara Boxer, who has been in Federal office a very long time, is up front, yet she’s only received 1.1 Millions from EMILY’s list (though her lifetime abortion special interest haul exceeds 3 million).   Tammy Baldwin, in Federal office since 2000, has only garnered $607,000 from EMILY’s list with a lifetime accumulation of 1.47 million from the abortion lobby.  Divided out by years in national office, NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen dwarfs them as an investment vehicle for Big Abortion’s Agenda.

So where is she?

She is up for re-election.  It may have dawned on her that while she continues to accept huge sums of campaign money from EMILY’s list and Big Abortion, that accepting these donations comes with a requirement.  EMILY’s list demands that its candidates support conception to live-birth abortion without exception, but most of America does not support this.  Most of America opposes live-birth and late term abortion.  Main stream thought in the United States runs contrary to the extreme views of Senator Jeanne Shaheen.  New Hampshire’s views run contrary to the extreme left abortion views of Senator Jeanne Shaheen.  And while she must vote for the bill or sacrifice campaign dollars from her largest supporter, she will likley vote for it without any press, no web-site bragging, little or no mention whatsoever.

That would tell us what we should already know about the Democrat Senator from New Hampshire.

That she is a creature of the extreme left.  That you do not have a right to live once conceived.

In Jeanne Shaheen’s America you are only alive because someone else did not execute you as a political prisoner to the Democrat party agenda.