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Lunch Racists Bail On Michelle-O

School districts from LA to NY are complaining and now a few of them are taking matters into their own hands.

“We’re eating more junk food, now, than last year”, a student from the Los Angeles Unified School District explained in December of 2011.

We’re talking about Michelle Obama’s Healthy Kids Hungry act, passed by lame-duck Democrats in the waning days after the Democrats got mauled in the 2010 elections.  It sucked then.  It sucks now.

The Government limits the choices by force of law but human nature (and natures laws) trump man made laws every time so the kids end up skipping the Michelle-O in favor of quick alternatives.   So the law effectively creates more harm because it presumes to know the minds, tastes, and needs of everyone everywhere, as viewed from the backs of nutrition unicorns prancing around inside the blue bubbles that pass for “the way the whole world thinks according to progressive busy-bodies.”

The reality is more like policy dysbarism where rapid changes (from pressure to comply) result in the pain and discomfort of millions just so a handful of elected officials or policy pimps, who have to act on every bat-sh*t crazy thought that wanders onto the progressive plantation that passes for their brain,  can lay claim to having “done something,” even if their solution was as unmitigated a disaster as the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.”

“Let them eat Broccoli!”

I wrote a few posts about this ongoing Greek (Salad) Tragedy, maybe a half-dozen, but we can sum those up here…

So follow me here.  One set of bureaucrats imposes guidelines that make meals cost more, composed of things kids wont eat, so that local bureaucrats can chase revenue that they have to wait for, all because someone in a far away place wanted to putI fixed school luncheson their political resume.

But they didn’t fix them.They broke them.

So here we go...(EAG News c/o

Officials in New York’s Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district have become the latest to opt out of the National School Lunch Program, citing “hungry, frustrated children plus lost income.”

“[Food service manager Nicky] Boehm and her staff worked hard to implement the new regulations, but there were just too many problems and too many foods that students did not like and would not purchase. Students complained of being hungry with these lunches and the district lost money. I’m confident we can do better on our own next year,” assistant superintendent Chris Abdoo said in a news release.

The lunch program lost about $100,000 for the school year, which is roughly the cost of one teaching position.

This district’s action comes on the heels of the Catlin, Illinois district doing the same. Officials there complained the federal guidelines were too “restrictive.”

The USDA – which manages the National School Lunch Program – has estimated it will cost school districts $3.2 billion to implement the new Michelle Obama-inspired mandates.

That’s a lot of money to spend to make sure kids go hungry at school.  Don’t be surprised if many more school districts around the nation dump this program before the new semester starts in the fall.

You have another 32 billion just laying around?  Yeah, you.  School lunch prices had to go up…share the wealth means everyone pays more so some can pay more than others, for the increased cost of deliver even higher priced food that no one really want, and will never actually eat.  So even the “free lunch” sucks.  That’s what we call the “Free Healthy Foods Leave Kids Hungry Act.”

Now that’s progressive.

And it is top down progressivism in all it’s naked glory, right there.  School lunch, health care, the car you drive, the temperature of your house, what you are allowed to heat it with, if and when you can defend yourself, who owns your water, what is or is not journalism or even approved political speech, when you can speak it and where, and on and on and on….and on. And on.

There is no end to what the professional left would like to screw up on your behalf and at your expense.  And if you failed to notice, they are wide of vision when it comes to what is political, politicized, and henceforth under the purview of the same “policy experts” who presumes to know the minds, tastes, and needs of everyone everywhere, with regard to everything.

Nor do they fear accountability.  There is no need to and I can prove it.

Let us use the lunch program debacle as an example. If the trend of dropping this awful program picks up pace and more and more school districts start saying no to Michelle-O, it wont be long before the facts must be buried under whatever narrative can be invoked to stop the bleeding.  That’s right, districts that drop the program must be run by racists.  There is no other possible reason for why anyone would ever choose not to do something a black president and his wife could want.  Waste, fraud, abuse, too expensive, unpopular, ineffective, costly, kids are more hungry, (Hungry!); nope….they are all racists.

Mark my words.  It’ll happen.