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Tracker From Honor Your Oath Spotted Again

Back on April 14th Mike Rogers reported on a guy who looked to be a Democrat tracker of some sort.

As Susan stated, we mistakenly labelled this photographer as an SEIU lobbyist/troll yesterday, so we quickly corrected the error, and removed the original post.

Nonetheless, commentators and a tipster are certain that the gentleman is at least an “opposition researcher”, as he’s been seen at several similar events, and if he were press, or a conservative blogger, he’d have introduced himself.

Well over at Red Hampshire--(go ahead and take a moment to think, “No shiite, Red Hampshire is Back?”)–someone took a picture of a guy sitting in a Green 4-door Subaru Outback, taking pictures of people in the parking-lot outside the NHGOP Dinner on May 20th.

Pictures are on the jump.  It’s the same guy.

Tracker at Honor Your Oath Rally
Tracker at NHGOP Dinner
Tracker at NHGOP Dinner






So, I guess it’s a fun little game now. Find him at the next event and figure out who he’s working for. Maybe track him back to his basement lair…