The lies at the heart of Leftism.... - Granite Grok

The lies at the heart of Leftism….

The avatar of the political Left
The avatar of the political Left

The political Left—founded as it is upon statism—is based upon so many falsehoods….

It promises peace, but brings conflict and war. It promises safety and security, but brings unease, fear, and danger. It promises plenty, but brings poverty, scarcity, and want. It promises brotherhood, but brings strife and division.  It promises equality, but brings discrimination and class difference. It promises justice, but brings grievance and unfairness. It promises health and long life, but brings affliction and untimely death. It promises freedom, but brings oppression.

And it promises love, but brings hatred.

THAT is why…

…the statements of the Left can NEVER be taken at face value, can NEVER be trusted. This editorial, from yesterday’s Union Leader, is but one example:


During the George W. Bush years, this newspaper was flooded with letters from left-wing activists who claimed to be horrified that their own government would employ “torture.” President Bush was a traitor to American values who was endangering all of us by giving Muslims reasons to hate this nation, the chorus sang.

Last week, the Obama administration admitted to killing four American citizens in the drone campaign Obama dramatically expanded since taking office. “Drones have replaced Guantánamo as the recruiting tool of choice for militants,” The New York Times reported a year ago. Yet in the days since last week’s admission by the administration, we have not received a single letter from a liberal railing against the President’s betrayal.

Apparently most liberals think it is the height of criminality to pour water over the face of a foreign terrorist for the purpose of extracting information, but perfectly acceptable to obliterate American citizens — and their friends and family members — even when they are not deemed “imminent” threats. Why to they maintain their silence now?

They are not “blind.” They are lying. They maintain their silence now because their philosophy—and their former faux outrage—is founded upon falsehoods.