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What’s Good for the Goose…

AR-15 Personal Defense Weapon


More proof that our Federal Government is out of control, and should be feared, comes from this Blaze article.

The Department of Homeland Security issued this RFP back in June, 2012 for 7000 AR-15 “select fire” rifles (fully-automatic) “Personal Defense Weapons“.

In conjunction, DHS has also recently made large (millions) purchases of rounds of ammunition that is compatible with these rifles.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of DHS is the purchaser of these weapons and ammunition.

I have a few theories as to why DHS is doing this.  Any combination of these theories, as a package, is possible:

  • They plan to begin enforcing our immigration laws, with vigor, and need the firepower to suppress the hoards of illegals coming into our country on a daily basis.
  • They are trying to drive up the price of weapons and ammunition, by drying up the supply, with taxpayer money.
  • They are planning to begin collecting our personal firearms, under the power of the gun.
  • They are planning to begin arresting certain members of this country and try them as enemies of the State, under the power of the gun.

You decide which combination of these options seems most likely.  Nearly all of them, individually or in conjunction with each, are bad news for the United States.

I have a question for all you anti-gun, anti-American zealots:  Is a semi-automatic, civilian-equivalent AR-15 an “assault weapon” or a “personal defense weapon”?  Should its status be downgraded to “personal defense” once you make it a full-auto, military equivalent?

Hint: The prior question is 100% sarcasm – save your brain cells to process the irony.

Final question to the zealots: Do you still think the Federal Government should be trusted?

Yeah, I thought so.  Good luck with that.

And don’t ask us to protect you, when you experience pucker-factor #10 on that day.