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Terie ‘Scrooge’ Norelli – Fires Staffer weeks Before Christmas

NH House Speaker Terie Norelli is a Scrooge, fires staffer weeks before ChristmasIncoming New Hampshire House speaker Terie Norelli (D- Grinch), is taking heat for her abrupt termination of longtime House receptionist Betty Lichty.  Betty was apparently hired by Norelli back in 2006 and has worn out her usefulness in the position.  Perhaps answering the phone for Speaker O’Brien for two years was more than Terie’s delicate constitution could handle?

Norelli is (of course) entitled to do whatever she likes with her staff though this is hardly the point.   If Speaker O’Brien had fired Betty just weeks before ChristyuleHanukwanzukkahmas we’d be able to count the veins in Norelli’s forehead at the endless stream of press conferences held to ensure the public was well versed in the evils of Republican leadership.

So quit your whining.  You fired a woman who is reported to be able, capable, and competent at her job, just weeks before the holidays, for no reason other than that you felt like it,  so at this point the only measurable difference between you and Ebeneezer Scrooge, apart from anatomy, is that come Christmas morning you’ll still be a selfish, hypocritical, thoughtless, partisan, harpy.

Merry Christmas!