VP Biden shows Obama’s Disregard for our Country

One wonders how much the American people must suffer or how great a disaster must happen to our country before Vice-President Biden will discuss these topics seriously.  In Thursday’s debate Vice President Biden acted more like a candidate for class clown than a man concerned about his country. 

One wonders, if 23 million Americans who can’t find the work they need to care for their families aren’t enough to get Vice-President Biden’s attention, how many have to suffer?  50,000,000?  75,000,000? 

If nearly 50,000,000 people in poverty is not enough for Vice-President Biden to discuss real solutions, how many poor must there be?  75,000,000?  100,000,000?  

If creating more than $5 trillion in new debt for our children and grandchildren in less than four years is not enough to get the Vice-President to discuss balancing the budget, how much more debt would it take?  $8 Trillion?  $15 Trillion? 

If the interest cost on our debt which exceeds ten percent of the federal budget is not enough to make the Vice-President concerned about deficit spending, what interest cost would?  20 percent? 30 percent?   (What programs will be cut?)     

If two credit rating downgrades during President Obama’s term is not enough for the Vice President to be concerned, how low must our credit rating go? 

Vice President Biden didn’t know that more protection was requested for our people in Libya.  Perhaps he also doesn’t know that gasoline prices, college costs, food prices, and electricity rates are escalating under President Obama.  Or, since VP Biden is rich, perhaps he doesn’t really care.   

One wonders if Vice President Biden’s indifference reflects President Obama’s attitude.  President Obama has done more fundraisers, played more golf, and been campaigning for re-election longer than previous Presidents.  President Obama skips most of his Presidential Daily Briefings which, perhaps, explains why Americans died in Benghazi.  President Obama was too busy to meet with world leaders, but he has time for Letterman and The View.  Perhaps lack of President Obama’s attention explains why there has been so little real progress on addressing the problems of suffering Americans or of our country, on calming the Middle East, or of reducing threats in a dangerous world. 

Last Thursday Vice President Biden showed that he does not take our country’s problems seriously enough to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Perhaps Senator Obama didn’t know Senator Biden in 2008, but keeping this immature person as his Vice President shows how little President Obama cares about the well-being of our country should the Vice President need to take over the Presidency.