"In the long run, the GOP is dead." - Granite Grok

“In the long run, the GOP is dead.”

A lonely voice in the wind? A prophet? Or both?

That’s what it looks like, says Pat Buchanan in the current Human events. For instance, in California, the most populous state in the U.S., “the GOP does not hold a single statewide office. It gained not a single House seat in the 2010 landslide. Party registration has fallen to 30 percent of the California electorate and is steadily sinking.”

“Race, age and ethnicity are at the heart of the problem. And they portend not only the party’s death in California, but perhaps its destiny in the rest of America. ‘When you look at the population growth,’ says GOP consultant Steve Schmidt, ‘the actual party is shrinking. It’s becoming more white. It’s becoming older.'”

So what to do to save the GOP? There may not be a solution, says Buchanan: “If your racial and ethnic voter base is aging, shrinking and dying, your moral code is being rejected, and the tax-consuming class has been allowed to grow to equal or to dwarf the taxpaying class, the Grand Old Party has a problem. But then so, too, does the country.”

Indeed. You can read the whole article HERE.