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Moral Authority

The New Hampshire Democrat party and their fellow travelers have nothing to run on so the travails of one man in the New Hampshire House, DJ Bettencourt, are all they’ve got.  Of course, he will no longer be in the NH House, a feature of his circumstances which we would never see from a New Hampshire Democrat, and therein lies the rub.

The New Hampshire Hypocrats have as much moral authority to point fingers at Bettencourt as NAMBLA would have it were ever to complain about Catholic Priests sexually abusing boys.  Actually, the NH Democrats may have less.

These leftists are a cabal of contemptuous opportunists who used their legislative majority during a down economy to grow their precious government and raise taxes.  They adore the perjurer and sex offender Bill Clinton, Lionized the misogynist Ted Kennedy after he killed a woman and got away with it, and cowered from the guilt of John Edwards who cheated on his cancer stricken wife and then proceeded to lie about at the top of his lungs.  They look the other way when armed men scare away people who might not vote for their candidate, endorse violence if it will advance their socialist central planning superstate, ignore racism when it occurs against Republicans, and have nothing to say when conservative women are threatened with rape, torture, and a manifold of insults and abuse.  (And that’s the short list.)

When Democrats do wrong, they will more often then not ignore their own so-called principles and priorities and circle the wagons.  But Bettencourt does not appear to have asked anyone to defend what he alone did, nor help him salvage the reminder of his term.  He left to confront the product of his own actions.  I do not condone what has happened nor would I defend it, and as soon as I have all the details I’ll have a few hundred words to write on the matter.  But in the world of politics, and New Hampshire politics is no different, I find the abrupt departure refreshing.

But if the local Democrats want to wage this war, they had better be prepared for what follows; every example of their hypocrisy, where the New Hampshire Democrat Party showed it’s lack of principle and courage, where it remained silent because it was one of theirs, where it demanded things of others it would never demand itself, of every office holder who clung bitterly to their post while the party leadership acted underwhelmed, or circled the wagons to defend a policy or ignore one that ran counter to the narrative of the left.

If that is where they want to go I’m all in.  The blogs write themsleves.

So Let’s dance!