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Governer Sununu Takes It To The Hole

Governor Sununu looks a bit too much like Mr. Magoo here, but he’s running on all cylinders.  Why are you at CNN bringing up the birther debate when Governor Romney’s position is clear?  Why don’t you care about what Bill Maher does or says as an Obama advocate?  Why is CNN bringing up yesterdays left wing talking points?  And he just keeps going…  While I don’t always agree with the governor, this was a pleasure to watch.  (Note: You’ll have to follow the link.  I couldn’t get the auto play to stop no matter what code I used.)

(Oh, and for the short fused feministas, that post title is a Basketball reference.   Avid followers of the Grok know that when we want to be sexist we find a way to  work in the word “Skirt.”)