The Complete Dick de Seve Comment Stream

I know you have been waiting for this.  It is the complete Dick de Seve comment stream from the Concord Monitor, compiled from November of 2008 until March 6th 2012.  It is over 300 pages of PDF, for which I apologize–I could have formatted it better–but I provided the link to the Scribd site below.  (I do not appear to have the plugin yet to just drop it into the post.)   Skip will be uploading the full web version at some point soon if you want to wait for that.

Whatever your preference, please feel free to help us crowd source the online ramblings of an SEIU Chapter vice president, Part time university professor, and full time DickNH, as he pushes his left wing political agenda from his desk at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services during work hours.  And don’t forget to share the good stuff.  We’ll be happy to post it prominently as we continue our Right to Know case and further research into other State employee’s with the same habits.

PDF here on Scribd.

Update: To see it in your browser, click here.  To download the PDF, right-click and choose SAVE AS instead.