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Which Mitt this time?


In a discussion regarding Donald Trump’s recent presidential rumblings, the subject of Mitt Romney came up. Friend Greg from Manchester wrote:


I never liked Mitt Romney. First it was the hair, then it was him running for Governor as a leftist, then it was his mandated health care, then his shift to the middle, then to the right, then his call for biometric ID cards for illegals. He never did give me a straight answer on that one. He has a chance but with the nation totally against national health care, why would you vote for Mitt? Obama would mock him.


Indeed. During the last cycle, I was never able to get past this particular story in which Mitt Romney claimed he pulled his car to the side of the road and "literally wept" upon hearing the Civil Rights Act had passed. Riiiiiiiiiiight! Innocent

Anyway, I think Greg is absolutely right in his above summation of what’s wrong with a GOP candidate Romney.