Jennifer Horn Union Leader Endorsement…


This past Thursday, the Manchester Union Leader endorsed Jennifer Horn for Congress, in New Hampshire’s second district. 

A month ago, the GraniteGrok also endorsed Jennifer.

In what the Union Leader calls the "year of the outsider", they clearly distinguish Jennifer from her challenger, Charlie Bass.  They pay homage to the fact that she has "never held office", but "has paid close attention to local, state, and national politics for years.

We think that’s an understatement.

In 2008, she managed to get 42% of the general election vote against Paul Hodes, in a normally moderate district, and in the climate of Obama-mania, "Hope and Change" fervor.  Not too shabby.

A lot has changed since November, 2008.  An awful lot has changed…

Obama is seeing his lowest approval ratings yet; so is Congress.  Paul Hodes has been "hiding" since he and his band of Progressive cohorts rammed Nationalized Healthcare down our throats.

We would also add that this isn’t just the "year of the outsider" – it is the "Year of the Tea Party and of the RINO backlash".  Charlie Bass, the quintessential 1990’s Republican, is on the ropes and will need a strong wind at his back to take this nomination away from Horn.  This endorsement makes special note of a "charming trait" of Jennifer, in that she "criticizes her party almost as much as she does Democrats".  That, friends, you can count on.

The Union leader also honors Jennifer’s position of "not being coached from high-paid political consultants."  That translates into "grass roots", folks, which is how you win an election in 2010.

The editors wrap up their endorsement by declaring, "voters looking for that kind of independence and commitment to limited government should vote for Jennifer Horn in the Sept. 14 primary. She’s the best choice."

The GraniteGrok agrees.  So does the Union Leader’s Andrew Cline.

Read more here from Jennifer, in the Concord Monitor.