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The RINO Bonnie Newman

On June 13th, in Seacoast Online, Bonnie Newman wrote a glowing review of Governor Lynch.   She seems to be staking her claim as the lead ship in the republicans for Lynch flotilla but in doing so has—at least in theory—resigned her membership with the Republican Party in New Hampshire.  Here’s a short list of what Bonnie Newman supports in her support of Lynch, none of which she takes the time to remind us of in her puff piece. 

Bonnie Newman supports successive revenue projections from the democrat mob in the legislature that were overestimated intentionally to justify spending the state clearly could not afford. 

Bonnie is OK with raising the cost of state government 23% during a recession when wage and employment, tourism, and commerce would obviously be in decline.  She must also support the democrat party’s use of the decline as political capital while spending actual taxpayer capital they knew would never materialize. 

Governor Lynch approved the taking of private property, and instituting taxes without public hearings.  Bonnie Newman supports Lynch, so she must support this as well. 

Bonnie supports the LLC tax, and the tent tax, which Lynch signed and which were only repealed by hard working republicans and a massive grass roots effort by activist and small business owners. 

Newman must support the use of debt in all future budgets and the biennial mortgaging of our future so Lynch and his party can claim to have passed balanced budgets. 

Bonnie Newman is clearly a big fan of using tens of millions in federal dollars that are no longer even available—to say you’ve balanced the state budget—kicking a bigger can a bit further down the road rather than dealing with the unsustainable spending we’ve already pointed out her support for above. 

She must agree with Mr. Lynch when he rails against a pittance of outside political money used against him by the National Organization for Marriage while he has  accepted two-million in out of state campaign contributions (including money from special interests) to support political speech that has kept him in office. 

Newman is against free speech because Lynch promised to sign HB 1459 with its speech cramping amendment despite the reality that the wide open threat of legal challenges would suppress free speech of all kinds by the laws very existence. 

Mr. Lynch was one of only four state governors invited to the secret Gay lobby donor confab in Chicago just a few weeks ago, where 200 of its wealthiest fringe issue advocates met to decide to whom they would donate to advance and defend their agenda in state and local races.  I guess Bonnie is comfortable with the contradictions and hypocrisy of the influence peddling this represents. 

John Lynch is rumored to have lied about his position on parental rights in a letters to constituents, passing the legislation after claiming he would defend parents.  Regardless of that The RINO Bonnie Newman clearly supports the state’s right to deny parents knowledge of their underage daughter’s pregnancies or of their daughters desire to have an invasive medical abortion without their consent. 

As long as Mr. Lynch supports abortion Bonnie Newman supports abortion.  

Mr. Lynch lied about his position on same sex marriage to protect his re-election then changed his position to appease the gay lobby and the big money special interests that flood millions into his campaign and the coffers of the NHDP.  So Newman must also support millions in out of state special interest dollars to support democrats in all local elections. 

John takes credit for lowering drop-out rates for public school students in New Hampshire when a chunk of that improvement is simply the product of juggling numbers and changing the definitions of a drop-out as well as altering how the percentages are presented.  Does Bonnie the RINO favor a false politics of re-definition for political gain like John Lynch? 

John Lynch broke his promise to stop any broad based state tax by signing us up for RGGI which launders an average of 11 million dollars per year from every corner of the state through power companies.  This drives up the cost of everything in the state giving that money to a state bureaucracy inclined to cronyism to decide how best to spend it instead of letting taxpayers make those decisions themselves in ways that most improve their lives, their pocketbooks, and local communities. 

Lynch caved to the green lobby and intentionally ignored New Hampshire’s Nuclear, Hydro, and existing biomass energy production, which already produces more than 60% of its energy with globally approved “renewable” resources.   Instead he has supported the states other renewable mandates, and has gone so far as to try to buy more expensive wind energy from states like New Jersey to meet a 25% mandate we’ve already exceeded state wide. 

So Bonnie supports broad based shadow taxes, ignoring existing resources for political pandering, and denying local and personal control in favor of top down mandates managed by bureaucrats. 

And didn’t John Lynch choose Bonnie Newman to replace Senator Judd Gregg when it appeared Senator Gregg was going to be nominated to President Obama’s cabinet? 

I think we can see why the governor picked her, and why she supports him. 

I’m sure someone will come out against me here and recite some respectable history of republican leadership and support, but none of that matters in the face of these obvious contradictions.  And she can’t have it both ways.

She supports John Lynch which means she stands for abortion, debt, deficits, bonding, taxes without hearings, gay marriage, broad bases shadow taxes, left wing special interests,  she’s against parent’s rights, won’t defend free speech, encourages irresponsible revenue projections to hide out of control spending, and backs the partisan hypocrisy on influence from out of state money.  

So Newman can’t even lay claim to the acceptable 80-20 rule, and would be hard presses to even lay claim to being a moderate. 

You know, there’s a name for a republican who supports this many liberal positions–it’s “Democrat.”  So Bonnie Newman is a democrat.  And until she comes to terms with that, and crafts some dramatic exit which the democrats will hail as a major defection—when in fact it is simply truth in advertising—we’ll just have to call her the RINO Bonnie Newman.

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