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Why Liberals Really Hate Arizona

The left’s spleen venting on Arizona’s new law regarding illegal immigration makes perfect sense. Arizona, a sovereign state of the union, has for years (decades) left most of the problems associated with a porous border in the hands of the federal government. 

Some of those problems included drug trafficking, people trafficking, and other criminal activates. From the violation of property rights all the way up to murder (not to mention the whole illegal part of illegal immigration) this has cost Arizona lives, resources, and business.  It’s gotten so bad that Phoenix is reportedly second only to Mexico City internationally for kidnapping and murder.

Forget party affiliation. I think it is clear that the federal government has dropped the ball here.  They have failed miserably to protect the people of the State of Arizona from threats foreign and domestic.  And this is where the liberal mindset—and the most recent overreaction from the left to the new legislation–demonstrates a deeper understanding of the secular-socialist liberal ideology and why it is so dangerous.

Arizona is acting in self-defense because the same federal government that the Democrats insist must be the best, first, and the last resource for our individual and mutual protection is either unable or unwilling to defend them. 

These are the same Democrats who want you to be sued for defending yourself against an attacker inside your own home.  They want to ban personal possession of firearms, on the premise that the State (the federal government) is more than capable of managing your security needs.  But they are not and anyone who is not drunk with blue Kool-aid knows it.  Just look at Arizona.   

Arizona is just trying to defend itself where the federal government has failed.   It is defending property rights.  It is defending taxpayer dollars.  It is trying to establish justice, domestic tranquility, and to provide for its own common defense, to promote the general welfare of everyone within its borders regardless of their country of origin or immigration status, because they are all suffering (or stand to suffer) from the escalating deterioration of law and order that has gone unchecked at the hands of the federal agencies employed in defense of that idea. Many of whom have had their hands tied by the federal government, Democrat activists, and the current administration.

Why?  Because liberals hate the idea of self defense even though they are incapable of guaranteeing it for you. 

So Arizona must now investigate or question anyone suspected of being an illegal alien during the course of other daily activities, not because they are racists or xenophobes, but because there is no other course of action left them by the liberals and elites who refuse to act.  Arizona has an obligation to stop the kidnapping and killing, and the drug and human trafficking, and that the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted or persuaded to stay out of the state.  This benefits everyone there who is or intends to be a productive citizen.  And the immigrant community (legal or otherwise) has as much if not more to gain by outing the bad apples as anyone.

But the race baiters and hand-wringers who object to Arizona exercising its own right to self-defense don’t care.  And while they are seen as busy pandering to minorities the real motivation for their actions is their deep seeded objection to the basic human right of self-defense.   It is who they are, and it is just another reason why they are dangerous to the safety and well being of us as individuals, the state of Arizona, and the Nation itself. 

And amnesty, by the way, will neither resolve their distaste for self-defense nor will it end the violence.  But they’ll never admit that either.

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