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 A recent ‘Monitor Staff’ editorial takes the occasion of the Charlie Bass candidacy to take a pot shot at the Tea party movement while asking who Charlie Bass really is?  We know who he is.  He’s a Blue Dog Republican.  But the Monitor needs to fill column inches so they manage to infer through implied association that what Charlie claimed to now believe—things that people attracted to the Tea Part are more inclined to think—are not just suspect for Bass, but suspect in general. 

 [Does]…Bass believe, as some Tea Party members do, that global warming is a myth, or worse, a plot? Does he really believe, as he claims on his website, that the Obama administration is "coddling terrorists"? Or, as he claimed in his announcement speech, that the stimulus program – which has helped keep New Hampshire and lots of other states afloat – was a failure?

Does Bass, a onetime head of the moderate Main Street Republicans in Congress – a group that later backed the bailout of Wall Street and big banks – truly believe that cutting taxes is the right response to a deficit caused in good measure by cutting taxes? And after the stock market halved the retirement funds of seniors who panicked and took their money out at or near the bottom, does Bass really still believe that privatizing Social Security is a good idea?

To be honest it doesn’t much matter what Bass might claim to believe.  He’s still tied into the same old insiders and the same old policies.  But the tea party’s interests are easier to explain.  They are as diverse as are Americans, but they share one overwhelming point; corrupt connected insiders and revolving door elitists in Washington (Like Charlie Bass) have or are spending us into insolvency.  Just look at the name T.E.A Party.  Taxed Enough Already.  So anyone who likes to spend (Like Charlie Bass) will eventually have to tax.  That makes them thatmuch less likley to be in line with the Tea party.

And of course the “Monitor Staff” technique of "do-they-really-believe-association" could easily be applied to any candidate or person, even the Monitor Staff.  Here’s an example. 

Does the monitor staff believe as some ‘democrats’ do, that helpless human beings, babies that happen to survive late term abortions, should be left to die crying, scared and alone on a cold metal table in a hospital full of Doctors?   Do they feel, as some ‘democrats’ do that we need to disarm the nation and make it susceptible to aggressors who are building up their militaries?  Or, does the monitor staff believe that a massive growing welfare state funded by an ever dwindling pool of taxpayers is the best solution to every problem? 

We can safely answer yes to this implied association about the "Monitor Staff’ because unlike the diverse Tea party, they are an inclusive group with an agenda and a Newspaper to advance it. 

But enough of this speculation about them or Charlie “I’ve already exceeded my term limits promise” Bass, because at the end of the editorial the ‘Monitor Staff’ ask one more question, which the ‘Monitor Staff’ should already know the aswer to, but would never actually put in print.

 Is it the Charlie Bass of the Main Street Republicans or Tea Party Charlie? 

Answer; he is a Main Street Republican.  At present the group Main Street Republicans is his largest single campaign donor, followed by groups like Republican Majority for Choice and if it matters–TRUST PAC, which also donated 2K to that bastion of Tea Party values, Dede Scozzafava of NH-23 fame.  Dede was the socialist, pro-tax, friend of ACORN who’d have a hard time passing for a Blue Dog democrat.

Any more stupid questions?


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