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It’s That Three Letter Word Again Mr. Biden, J-O-B-S

Year on year there are still 2.2 million people marginally attached to the work force. This is the same number as May of 2009 so zero improvement on that front. Discouraged workers—those who’ve stopped looking because they believe there is no work, actually rose from May of 2009 to May of 2010 by another 291,000.

Two For The Road

For those of you not aware, only two House Reps with an (R) somewhere near their names, voted in support of HB 1459, with New Improved Free Speech Killing Action! Rip Holden, (Hillsborough 7) who is retiring after this session, was number one.   The second was Tony DiFruscia the political anything-muppet, who is expected to change his party designation to …

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Carol’s Dim Bulb

In a rather expensive looking effort to reassure that she is in fact on the job defending us from top-heavy, ill-mannered, near-do well’s we are presented with the following from the most recent Carol Shea Porter mailer. “The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act enables the government to identify large interconnected companies engaged in …

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Ten Words

  Congressional district one residents will have been treated to another spiffy looking, tri-fold, heavy card stock, multi-colored mailer from Carol Shea-Porter.  I’ll get to the content later.  For now I would like to take a moment to share ten words from the back of the mailer. "This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer …

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NH Is Hostile To Homeschoolers

Although the trend nationally in homeschooling regulation has been toward reducing regulation, since 2006 serious attempts have been made by a determined group of legislators to dramatically increase the level of regulation on New Hampshire homeschoolers.

The Specter Of Bass

There is speculation that part of the problem with some incumbants and candidates who are seeking higher office (like an Arlen Specter or Charlie Crist) is that they want it too much.  They want the office more than anything.  In Specter’s case he switched parties to keep his senate seat.  Crist crooned about his devotion to …

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Monitor Get’s It Right

The people of New Hampshire take note.  Free speech is far too fundamental to democracy to be restricted on the fly by ill-conceived and little discussed measures cranked out in the waning days of the legislative session by lawyers and lawmakers who are overreacting and overestimating their abilities. Legislative leaders are writing laws limiting First …

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