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Read My Lips –You Can Keep Your Existing Plan If You Want To.

Courtesy of Hot Air, apparently three million seniors should expect to have their Medicare Prescription plans change, whether they like the or not.  Add this to the 50% or so of company plans that will be dropped or changed as an inconvenient side effect of passing the bill to find out what was in it …

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Get it Off Me Man!

There is ample evidence that Paul Hodes toes the line, is a Kool Aid drinker, and a reliable party hack.  Each effort to sell himself as having fiscal integrity or ethics is met with an abundance of contradictory evidence.   So to suggest that he is an independent thinker lacks veracity unless you mean independent …

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Drowning In Debt

Democrats will blame Bush, but after 2006 they had the power to stop every penny of it. Instead, they stepped on the accelerator. November is coming. We must stop the spending

Fun With Jan And Carol

Democrats like to make up rules for Republicans which I then do my best to apply to democrats.  In this example we have a donor to Carol Shea Porter who has been up to some questionable behavior.  If Carol doe snot denounce it she is complicit in it.  So pay attention. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill)–remember Jan, …

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The Cost Of Education

When something doesn’t work, and you are a democrat, well you just keep doing it.  These graphs come to us courtesy of Andrew J. Coulson at Big Government. Graph one Public education employees vs. student enrollment numbers. Graph number two–on the jump–is the inflation adjusted cost of public K-12 education (that’s taxpayer dollars spent) compared …

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Comrade Carol Seiu-Porter

A few of you will now point out that one so-called congressional member of the socialist party who just happens to vote like Carol and then donates $1,000.00 to her campaign doesn’t mean anything. Fair enough. So how about twelve members of congress listed as members of the American Socialist Party who vote like Carol an have so far donated a total of $32,000.00 dollars to Carol Seiu-Porter?

Look For The Union Label

So far this year, $24.7 million in independent spending has been reported to the Federal Election Commission, campaign filings show. Unions have spent 9.7 million (or 39 percent of the total), compared with $6.4 million (26 percent) spent by individuals and 3.4 million spent by corporations.