Democrat Lawmaker Created Intimidating and Abusive Environment

The New Hampshire House recently releases some documents in which was a redacted complaint filed earlier this year by a NH House staffer. The staffer alleges that a particular New Hampshire House Rep. “made frequent derogatory comments to or about the employee, and engaged in “a long pattern of behavior” that created a “hostile work environment.”

As noted, the document is redacted, but New Hampshire Public Radio took it upon themselves to interview House staff in pursuit of the accused abuser. Given their progressive leanings, I’m sure someone felt certain they would uncover proof that a Republican was verbally abusing women in Concord.

It was a Democrat.

To their credit, they published the story anyway, in all likelihood because they know Dan Eaton.

Rep. Dan Eaton of Stoddard, one of the longest-serving Democrats in the New Hampshire Legislature, was reprimanded earlier this year after a State House employee reported that he had engaged in “a long pattern of behavior” that created a “hostile work environment.”

The complaint alleges Eaton made frequent derogatory comments to or about the employee, and that those comments “have been pervasive enough to create a work environment that is meant to be intimidating and abusive.”

Eaton was reprimanded for the behavior which, according to the reporting, he considered light-hearted banter.

Eaton is not new to controversy. He was implicated in a liquor commission investigation more than eight years ago. He was also immortalized for stating, during budget deliberations, that ’It makes sense to know how much you’re $pending before you decide how much money to raise.’

In typical Democrat fashion, not just particular to the time, Democrat majorities spent like drunken sailors to get all their progressive pet projects in play. The result of that was the infamous 800 million dollar structural deficit inherited by Speaker Bill O’Brien and the Republican majorities after the 2010 Tea Party wave election.

The Republicans cut all the spending because it makes sense to know how much of other people’s money you have at hand before you go looking for ways to spend it.

Eaton has served fourteen terms in the New Hampshire House.

Maybe it’s time someone (voter) helped him find something else to do with his time.

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