Zuckerberger-Meister-Berger - Granite Grok


Mark ZuckerbergIf you’d like to read Mark Styen’s first “take” on the Zuckerberg testimony and trust me you do, it’s here, but this snippet captured my imagination (for the moment).

To be sure, I doubt [Mark Zuckerberg] thinks of himself as a rags-to-riches story. If you’re inventing Facebook in a dorm room, it helps if the dorm room is at Harvard, which most Americans will never get anywhere near. In that sense, Zuckerberg might be more emblematic of a calcifying class system and diminishing social mobility. As the middle class shrinks, we’re moving toward a Latin-American social structure, with a rich, corrupt, self-reinforcing elite, and a great dysfunctional mass underneath, and ever less in the middle, and not much by way of a viable path for anyone at the bottom to advance toward the top.

I’ve not even waded through the pundit’s reactions, let alone dared to watch the testimony, but I have little doubt given the genesis of Facebook and its founder™ (or his obvious progressive tendencies) that he is happy to be considered as the Zuckerberger-Meister-Berger of connecting and community. Or perhaps minister of sharing is warmer and fuzzier and less jack-booted and ugly like the truth.

When you are hollowing out the middle of a culture and eliminating that pesky class of voters not yet wholly committed to a life of government dependence, you want to ease them gently into that goodnight.