Fake News Award Winner Debunks NH Vote Fraud – Or Maybe Not

If you could just stop letting out of staters vote from your house that'd be greatOne of Ed Mosca’s latest examines New Hampshire Public Radios’s effort to gloss over the fact that New Hampshire State Law discriminates against New Hampshire residents. In his rebuttal to a piece by Casey McDermott, Ed notes that,

“..what actually comes to mind are thousands of out-of-State college students who choose to remain residents of their home States getting special rights no other voters in New Hampshire get: the right to choose between voting in their home States or in New Hampshire.

It’s a charge the vote-fraudsters and vote-fraud-deniers can’t answer. One Ed Naile has been pointing out for years, and more recently and more often because, in a Federal election, New Hampshire law (or just the AG and SoS interpretation) is illegal.

The state cannot grant rights in a Federal election to one group of people and not another. But they give out-of-state-tuition paying college students and anyone else who shows up from out of state, a right that no one else in New Hampshire has in any other state.

It’s discrimination.

And by doing so they allow these non-resident voters to rob them of their constitutional right to representation.

I’d like Democrats to defend that without using the words, nazi, racist, white supremacist, hater, and so on.

I don’t think they can do it.