The ‘Resistance’ Is anything But…

ResistThe left has labeled itself as ‘The resistance’ but when you consider what they are resisting it’s not flattering so let’s consider it.

The Resistance is resiting free speech. They want the government to limit speech, compel speech, to have power over the spoken and written word and the mediums used to convey it. Another word for that is fascism.

The Resistance wants the ruling class to have a monopoly on force.

Everything from the gun ban bills to magazine size limitations to expanding background checks, to using students as mules to carry the gun ban agenda, is directed at ensuring the ruling class can defend not you and yours but themselves and their own. They may promise to protect you, but it is not required, and it is not a priority.

The resistance wants the government to take your property. From asset forfeiture to regulatory and tax policy the Resistance believes that everything you have you only have because the government allows you to keep it. The moment they need it you must hand it over, or they will use the guns of government to take it from you, and your health and safety are forfeit as well if you dare to resist. This is both socialist and fascist.

Antifa is a nearly 100-year old militant socialist action group. They are Resistance stormtroopers. This is fascism.

The Resistance wants the government to force big corporations to lock you out of social media; ISP’s to cut your internet. This is corporatism which is a feature of fascism.

The Resistance demands Inclusive Excellence, diversity and equality narratives, and social justice dogma that shapes speech and behavior. This is cultural Marxism.

The resistance advocate government spying against anyone and everyone at any time if the State may need to use that information to protest the ruling class and its institutions. Fascism and Communism.

The Resistance opposes natural rights, personal liberty, constitutional protections of those rights, or anything that prevents the government from imposing its will on you to advance their political priorities. The Government is above or before the people. Another word for this is communism.

If this were Star Wars, The Resistance would be tools of the Empire. If we’re talking about The Hunger Games, they are operatives of ‘The Capital.’ Not just sympathizers to the idea of tyrannical rule and perpetual serfdom but enemy combatants of liberty, Freedom, and a land of Laws, not men.

The Resistance is the opposite of a Resistance.

They are working to expand the power and influence of an entrenched establishment whose goal is to subjugate its people.