The Court Of My Opinion

judge-gavelI went to a Senate Hearing on CACR 15 on Thursday. There was even a chance for me to testify!

This the proposed NH Constitutional Amendment to restore a taxpayer’s right to sue a municipality or the State regarding taxation, a right that was stripped away by recent Superior and State Supra decisions. NH courts have in recent years decided to mold NH into a shape they decide is reasonable – by court order.

This one won’t go well – for them.

If this gets on a ballot statewide, voters will smack the Courts upside their elitist heads. My guess, 85-90% approval.

So, it occurred to me. Why not up the ante?

After I was done testifying about specific reasons and cases where brave taxpayers went to court to do the AG and Dept of Revenue’s jobs I took the opportunity to suggest that the wording of the amendment should include such that no taxpayer needing to go to court to redress a municipal or state issue should be charged a court filing fee.

There you go. How about them apples judges?

The next time some activist court tries to strip a right from a NH citizen, we simply trot off to the Legislature and make it unconstitutional to collect ANY filing fees.

Try it again and judges have to retire at 60.

I can think of more.