Medicaid Expansion Continues to Get Worse With Republican Help - Granite Grok

Medicaid Expansion Continues to Get Worse With Republican Help

NH Medicade is Bradley CareThe NH State Senate proudly advanced, thanks to bipartisan support, the Medicaid Expansion scam, this time for five years. At the same time, over at the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, we are treated to some truth about what will happen when this turd becomes the latest version of what passes for law.

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The bill reauthorizing Medicaid expansion passed the state Senate on Thursday when half of the 14 Republicans joined all 10 Democrats in voting to extend the Obamacare entitlement program for five years. This is why the #Headdesk Twitter hashtag was invented.

One of the Republican selling points was that the bill pays for Medicaid expansion while protecting state taxpayers.

It doesn’t, though.

No, it doesn’t. And it never will. It is a vampire that will suck the life out every fund they can find to feed it until they feel comfortable enough, to be honest about what this program has always meant even to the Republicans supporting it.

It is a ticket to an income tax, and everyone knows it, except for taxpayers and voters (for some reason) who need to stand up this November and replace the elected turds with people who believe in the New Hampshire Advantage.