Maybe That Texas “Wave” Meant, Bye, Bye

Texas VoteLeftist groups had the media and pollsters showing a huge Democrat, and whoever else they let vote, turnout in Texas. The hype, as usual, was that Texas is finally going to turn left and vote for socialism.

But that isn’t what happened. The Democrats spent like crazy, hyped like crazy, acted crazy, and still they got whupped!

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But let’s not stop fundraising off defeat!

Republicans showed up big time in rural areas, with 500,000 more Texans voting in the GOP primary than the Democratic one. …

Still, on Wednesday, liberal groups found some positive takeaways. 

Emily’s List, for instance, emailed their supporters about what a “great night” they had. They ignored most of the results, instead narrowing their focus to two Democratic Latina women who won their respective primaries and could win the upcoming elections.

So many Californians and Mexicans moved to Texas recently, Democrats must have been encouraged enough to hope and hype.

Without Gloria Allred helping destroy Democrat opponents, hype, free media, and money can’t buy political happiness in Texas.

One Kennedy-looking liberal candidate was trying to re-invent himself as Hispanic. That didn’t even work. “Beto” luck next time.

Remember: “It’s the economy estúpido.”