Dozens of Dozens

'Dozens' of "protesters" at the WDL 2A Rally
“Dozen” of “protesters” at the WDL 2A Rally

If you ever questioned media bias, which is ridiculous because even the media is finally admitting it is biased, the “coverage” of yesterdays’ Women’s Defense league 2A rally should resolve this for you.

There wasn’t much coverage at all, but WMUR wins an award for slanted coverage.

First, they turned it into an opportunity to give Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State progress (an out-of state-funded arm of one of the most progressive groups in the country) a platform to advocate for Democrat party talking points. They want expanded background checks (see, also a gun registry), which will do nothing to prevent school shootings. Not. One. Damn. Thing.

WMUR reports that there were dozens of attendees when there where a few hundred. Dozens of Dozens would work.

As for calls to educate on the issue, there isn’t much of that to be had.

News 9 also used the event to pimp a bill that would allow local New Hampshire school boards to set your children up as targets for criminals by letting them declare schools a gun free zones.

Ninety-eight percent of mass shooting occur in gun-free zones because criminals prefer their targets disarmed and if you haven’t learned this yet, they don’t follow the law.

Oh, and there’s one more bit of education that citizens, and students, might want to take part. Progressives like Zandra Rice Hawkins don’t care about your safety. They don’t care about the failure of the government to protect you (or your children) even when they claim it can as an excuse to disarm you. They only care about a government force majority.

Keep in mind that these are the same people who support the use of force by the government of like-minded civilians, to silence speech to which they object.

How do you think that turns out when the state is the only one with the guns?

Note: We’ve got all the speakers and all the speeches on all of these platforms.


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