If America Has Another Civil War, Democrats Will Lose That One, Too. - Granite Grok

If America Has Another Civil War, Democrats Will Lose That One, Too.

civil-war-11-728x280Kurt Schlichter has a very engaging piece up at Townhall.com in which he takes on the question of a second civil war between Democrats and normal Americans. Democrats lost the first one, and Schlichter contends that were there to be another, and he isn’t saying there will, they’d lose the second.

He offers two scenarios that could trigger such an event, the outcome of which are both based on the same tactical challenges for the left.

Let’s talk terrain and numbers. Remember the famous red v. blue voting map? There is a lot of red, and in the interior, the few blue splotches are all cities like Las Vegas or Denver. That is a lot of territory for a counter-insurgent force to control, and this is critical. The red is where the food is grown, the oil pumped, and through which everything is transported. And that red space is filled with millions of American citizens with small arms, a fairly large percentage of whom have military training.

This is a problem that is not lost on our would-be progressive masters. Why do you think they are so quick to dip their hands in blood every time a shooting takes place? They rush to grab every narrative thread they can find in their effort to unravel the second amendment because it is the single most significant barrier to their goal of totalitarian one-party mob rule.

It is why they obsess over eliminating the electoral college whenever it fails to produce the victory to which they think they are entitled.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘popularity’ for lack of a better word is restricted to geographically minute bastions. Densely-packed crime-infested liberal ghettoes. America’s murder capitals.

If these tiny redoubts were given the power of a direct popular vote the vast majority of the nation would be forced to live under the yoke of progressive tyranny, while regulatory overreach diluted the people’s first and second amendment rights until they were empty words on aged and curling parchment.

They cannot deny that this is their goal after working so hard at it day in and day out. So the question seems valid. What if?

While Schlicter’s scenarios examine who would fight for who, military, guard units, guerrilla tactics, and what not, he’s not giving the left much hope for success even if they could somehow Californicate the rest of America.

For example, if President Hillary Clinton put down her chardonnay long enough to sign a ban on privately owned guns, it’s not unreasonable to expect the governor of Texas to reject federal authority – after all, California just taught us that this is totally cool. But in this case, look for several brigades located there to hoist the Lone Star flag.

True, and victory looks molikelyley for the right when Schlicter closes with this mic drop.

The Democrat threat to peace is based on its policies designed to deprive Normal Americans of their right to speak freely, to worship freely, and to defend themselves and their rights with firearms. Make no mistake – millions of Normal Americans are willing to risk death to defend those rights. In fact, many swore to do so when they entered our military and law enforcement. But who is the leftist big talker willing to die to impose the fascist dream of censorship, religious oppression, and disarmament on Normal American citizens? Is the screeching SJW at Yale going to suit up in Kevlar? Is the Vox columnist going to grab a M4? Is the Hollywood poser going to switch her gyno-beanie for a helmet?

No. Hell, we just heard our liberal opponents explaining why a cop shouldn’t be expected to go fight a scumbag murdering kids because it’s scary. America might split apart, but it’s highly unlikely Team Kale n’ Vinyl would fight should their big talk finally push Normal America too far.

Great so we win.

That doesn’t mean we don’t need to keep using the soap box and the ballot box first, today, tomorrow, and every day we have breath. In fact, we need to double down on both of those. The left will never stop and anarchy in any form advances the progressive agenda. Death, disorder, lawlessness, all feed the narrative which insists that only a wise, all-powerful government can keep the peace.

Tell that to the families of the dead in Parkland, Flordia.