From UCLA to the New Hampshire House…

Pro-rape Democrats and sexual-assaultSome people must have better things to do with their time than being lectured to by the Social Justice Overseers in California,

[College Fix] When the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program recently hosted an event to allow the campus community to discuss “toxic masculinity,” 10 students showed up.

The discussion, held Tuesday, was billed as a way to allow students a chance to discuss “the silence surrounding toxic masculinity, emotional repression, locker room talk, and broader social norms,” according to organizers.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire,

[Monitor]  A floor amendment to House Bill 1301, which seeks to include the Legislature as a public employer under the public employee labor relations act, would develop, adopt and enforce a policy against sexual and other unlawful harassment and discrimination. In addition, it calls for annual mandatory training.

At a voluntary training session in January, only about 10 percent of New Hampshire’s 424 legislators attended, according to reports from New Hampshire Public Radio. A photo circulated of the nearly empty training session.

These exercises in compelled speech and social engineering are dog and pony shows at best or just corporate cover-your-ass-fests. The voluntary attendees are either in on the scheme or making an appearance for the sake of appearance. Making people attend won’t change that.

And until the progressives reevaluate their ideological priorities which are, arguably, a barrier to any real cultural reform on this issue, what’s the point?