Special Trump Prosecutor Indicts 13 Ham Sandwiches - With Russian Dressing. - Granite Grok

Special Trump Prosecutor Indicts 13 Ham Sandwiches – With Russian Dressing.

Ham Sandwich“Collusion” is writing fake news articles about the media’s most favored candidate? Is that what Russian meddling in an election is about? I feel safer already.

What will Mueller’s next move be, arrest Putin and make him talk?

We all know this is nuts, right? Indicting foreigners for an almost non-existent case of collusion, meddling, and hacking – but letting George Soros spend billions trying to influence American elections – for real.

I think this Russian “collusion” just turned out to be an “illusion.”

Soldier on Mr. Mueller. Take your gang of Harvard Law grads and try and unseat a duly elected President who fights back. Your time before a congressional hearing and a possible process crime or two is coming.

Just a thought. I have looked at the laughable indictment where the Russian “hackers” hired people to dress as Hillary in prison garb and stand in a homemade cage at rallies.

I read the very compelling tweets the Russian hackers wrote asking people to come to a rally. The tweets looked rather bland and sophomoric. Am I missing something?

These Russians stole American identities to make a living, just like thousands of foreigners do. And that is part of flipping an election? And good luck pronouncing their names.

Under the section titled: “Overt Acts” all I see is silly, well-worn, old-fashioned political stunts and weak internet advertisements. If the public ever takes time to read the 37 pages, there is a good possibility Mr. Mueller will be asked to open for Saturday Night Live.