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Speaking of Liberal Trolls, Here’s One From Facebook Who is Happy Sam Cataldo is Dead

Left wing hate goes unreportedThe 603 Alliance Facebook page has a troll. Her name is Nanci Fletcher. According to her Facebook profile she lives in New Boston and most days she’s apt to hurl a bit of left-wing pablum our way. It is so devoid of substance it is not worth the trouble but yesterday she crossed a line so it’s time to give the troll credit where it is due.

Under a link to a story about the tragic death of former State Senator Sam Cataldo, Nanci Fletcher of New Boston wrote, “another seat for the Dems.”

Nanci Fletcher on death of Sam Cataldo


You can see the appropriate response from the 603 Alliance, after which Nanci essentially doubles down.

She’s not at all apologetic for expressing pure political pleasure at the death of a Republican.

Is Nanci evidence of the systemic hate on the left or a lone wolf?

There’s ample evidence since the election of Mr. Trump of Democrats deep anger and hatred. From the media, through the party machine, down to trolls like Nanci Fletcher, who again undermines the very notion that Democrats are the party of resolution, dialogue, and compromise.

Not that you need a reminder. The left’s leading lights showed us where this all comes from during the State of the Union.

They are so angry they can’t even bring themselves to cheer for the success of victims they claim to champion or support for issues they claim to care about because they were delivered publicly by a Republican President.

Crass, mean, spiteful, vindictive, and when necessary, happy to support violence and even death that might advance their cause.

I’m not going to give you Nanci’s address and phone number in New Boston but they are readily available internet public records. You’ve got the link to the 603 Alliance Facebook page where she trolls, and to her own Facebook page if you’d like to share your thoughts. Be civil.

I’d also add that it would not be inappropriate to ask the New Boston Town Democrats, Hillsborough Democrat Committee, State Democrat Committee, or any elected or appointed Democrat in New Hampshire or in Congress to denounce Nanci’s remark.

Feel free to share your successes or failures in those efforts. The Democrats would make a list and advertise it.  We should as well.