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Reciprocating Disagreement

Licenses and IDsIn New Hampshire, there is a so-called right of a non-resident to vote in our state, while keeping an out-of-state driver’s license. That unconstitutional right, Guare v. NH, has never been established in any law enacted by the NH Legislature, as has been the case with the law regarding reciprocating agreements for driver’s licenses.

    263:37 Nonresident Privileges. – Whenever a motor vehicle of a nonresident may be driven on the ways of this state, without registration, or is driven under a neutral zone registration, such vehicle may be driven by its owner or by his employee without a license from the director if the driver is duly licensed under the laws of the state, district, or country in which the motor vehicle is registered, or has complied fully with the laws of the state where said motor vehicle is registered respecting the licensing of motor vehicle drivers; provided, that said state, district, or country grants like privileges to residents of this state.

Source. 1911, 133:9. 1913, 81:4. 1921, 119:8. 1925, 86:1. PL 101:12. RL 117:13. 1945, 115:1. RSA 261:18. 1981, 146:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.

New Hampshire has had a reciprocating agreement with other states regarding driver’s licenses (for driving) since 1911. But somehow the most recent “loophole” in election laws doesn’t provide for reciprocating agreements for NH voters who might want to vote in, let’s say, Connecticut.

How strange.

It seems easy enough for the NH Legislature and Governor to simply write a law that allows for equal treatment of NH voters by letting them vote in, let’s say, Connecticut. Seems simple enough, Ct. voters can drive to NH and vote same day, keep a Ct. driver’s license, and go home.

Reciprocity between states has been in effect for a long time – for driver’s licenses. Why can’t NH do it for NH voters who are trapped voting for candidates from their New Hampshire “town or ward” as the NH State Constitution puts it?

Do you think Connecticut would put up a fuss if 6,451 NH voters showed up on election day and voted in one or two elections?

How about if 5,000 same day voters from NH showed up in Connecticut with no ID whatsoever and demanded to vote? Do you think Co.nnecticut would simply take their picture, let them vote and throw the pictures away? That’s what we do here.

I was talking to a Connecticut election official the other day, Friday, to be exact.

They don’t allow reciprocating voting in their state. Only New Hampshire has one-way reciprocating voting.

I wonder why?

I wonder where US Senator Jeanne Shaheen comes down on this strange situation?