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When Are They No Longer Republicans?


The Republican party in New Hampshire has a problem about which its hands are tied, but you can help. Within its ranks are individuals who have registered and run under their brand but either refuse or are incapable of living up to the ideals.

On issues of free association, life, speech, taxes, elections, transparency, regulation, and even worker’s freedom, these elected officials, while claiming to be Republican, vote more like Democrats. All of them from towns where a registered Democrat has little or no hope of achieving office if they run the way they vote.

The Republican party can’t take a stand against them, and frankly, lack the will and the resources. But Republican voters in these Republican towns can do something about it. They are the only ones who can.

They can choose someone better.

To assist with this, you will need to know just how poorly these individuals represent your values.

New Hampshire is fortunate to have three regularly published scorecards that compare New Hampshire House members actual voting records to different aspects of traditional Republican Party principles. The things you should expect from a generic Republican when you elect them to public office.

The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NHHRA) looks for votes on bills that show if a candidate is serious about advancing Republican and constitutional principles. The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA) does the same thing with liberty-minded legislation. And the New Hampshire chapter of American’s for Prosperity rates candidates on issues of economic freedom (workers rights, regulations, taxes, and so on). In many cases these metrics overlap, helping us evaluate the true character of a candidate once in office regardless of what set of ideas they claim to represent.

If you are serious about protecting your paycheck from repeated efforts at an income tax, this matters. If you don’t want potential predators to have access to your wives and daughters in bathrooms and locker rooms it matters. Free speech, accountability in government, even the right to ensure that the reps your town elects were elected by the people who actually live in your town are all at stake.

So, here’s the list.

NH House Rep Name HRA NHLA AFP
Willis, Brenda (r Derry) 45% C- F
Azarian, Gary (r Salem) 47% Inc D
Tilton, Rio (r Seabrook) 53% C F
 Guthrie, Joseph (r, Hampstead) 53% C F
 Morrison, Sean (r, Epping) 53% C D
Dowling, Patricia (r, Derry) 53% C F
Danielson, David (r, Bedford) 54% C F
Gargasz, Carolyn (r, Hollis) 55% C D
Kotowski, Frank (r, Hooksett) 57% C + D
Fothergill, John (r, Colebrook) 57% C F
Janvrin, Jason (r, Seabrook) 57% C F
Crawford, Karel (r, Ctr Harbor) 58% C – F
Fields, Dennis (r, Sanbornton) 61% C+ F
Klose, John (r, Epsom) 63% C+ F
 Janigian, John (r, Salem) 63% C+ D
 Scruton, Matthew (r, Rochester) 65% C F
Richardson, Herbert (r, Lancaster) 65% C F
Allen, Mary (r, Newton) 67% C F
Marsh, William (r, Wolfeboro) 67% C+ D

Remember, voting is the number one job of a State Rep. They don’t do this for money because there is almost no money in it.  It’s about votes.

If you’d like to steal a few “votes,” and some liberty and tax dollars with it, all you need to do is run a grow-government tax and spender as a Republican in a Republican district. A district where there are good, reliable, and principled Republicans who could fill those seats.

If someone found them for you would you vote for them instead? We’d like to think you would.

You should also know that the list above is not complete. There are more of them, but these are the worst offenders.

These folks are not voting your conscience. They are working to grow government, add regulations, restrictions, to take more out of your paycheck to finance inefficient and wasteful government and the Democrat party agenda. And most importantly, you can do a lot better, and you can do it in 2018.

Our best and perhaps only chance to defeat these entrenched candidates and replace them with people who will vote better (and wouldn’t almost anyone vote better?) is to get information to voters. The best and often the only way to reach voters is by word of mouth.

We can show you the facts, the bad votes, the poor policy positions. We can tell you about better candidates. But it’s up to you to tell other Republicans and to invite them to see the truth.

Most folks prefer low taxes and a government that isn’t always in their way over every little thing. Those Republicans want neither of those things. They’ll say they do, to stay in office, but the votes don’t lie.

The 2018 primary will be upon us in no time. Use that opportunity to clean “House.”