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NH House Votes for Task Force to Aggressively Police Made Up Thing

militant-snowflakeTalk about virtue signaling. The New Hampshire House overwhelmingly passed a resolution this week (HCR13) condemning hate crimes and urging aggressive prosecution by law enforcement.

The resolution, approved 234-69, calls on the attorney general to deploy a task force to “detect and deter hate crimes and discrimination in order to protect minority communities.”

It also urges the Governor and Executive Council to offer state assistance to victims of hate crimes, and to enhance security measures at religious institutions, places of worship and other likely targets due to affiliation with particular religious, racial or ethnic minorities in the state.

It fascinates me to watch this because “hate crimes” are a made up thing.

There is no hate speech, and there are no hate crimes. There is just speech, and crime. And the proof is in the progressive vanilla pudding.

Acts of intimidation or violence by progressives against (even just perceived) opponents is a recognized requirement to achieve their political goals. They can’t get there from here without it.

Just ask Christians, white people, men, gun owners, homeschooling single-moms, business owners, women, blacks, gays, Latinos, trans, immigrants (legal or otherwise) or anyone that fails or refuses to advocate their progressive agenda, including the narrative on hate speech and hate crimes.

They. Hate. You. And they are willing to use intimidation or violence against you, your speech, your friends, your media, your family, or your livlihood.  And that’s not a crime, not according to them.

So, the idea of “hate crimes” is just more Marxist nonsense peddled to advance the larger progressive agenda. One that includes our new commission on virtue signaling aptly named the Governor’s Advisory Council on Diversity and InclusionAnd the NH DoJ’s new Civil Rights Unit. And now we’ve got this resolution asking them to whip up a task force on hate crimes seeking aggressive prosecution of selective acts against certain sorts of people.

It’s not about hate, and it is not about crime, in much the same manner that the escalation of anti-opioid funding and policing and treatment infrastructure has nothing to do with drugs or overdoses. Not really. It’s about turning issues into crises as an excuse to make more and bigger government that will work twice as hard to justify its existence at ever-increasing taxpayer expense.

Hate crimes mumbo-jumbo adds bureaucratic infrastructure with policing powers that will inevitably deny people their actual rights because they wont be able to help it.

Thankfully, not everyone in the New Hampshire House was on board.

Those who spoke in opposition to the measure (HCR 13) referred to a resolution the House passed just last week — a succinct declaration “that the Senate and the House of Representatives reject hate, bigotry, and violence in all their forms, and call on all Americans to unite against hate, bigotry, and violence and strive each day to live up to the principle that all people are created equal.”

Rep. John Burt, R-Goffstown, said the shorter statement was a “more direct and to the point resolution,” and expressed a concern that HCR 13 “although well-intended only brings more division among the citizens of New Hampshire.”

Did we even need a resolution, succinct or not, rejecting hate, bigotry, and violence? It sounds like a touch-feely, political back-patting, Captian Obvious waste of time to me. And coming form the left it’s just downright hypocrital. I’d prefer we used that time to study the New Hampshire and US Constitution and compare them to the manifold ways existing state or federal statute violate them. Look for more ways to undo that damage.

Instead, we get vacuous qualifiers like, inclusion, diversity, or hate to muddy the technical matters of policing with emotions that beg the investigators to read the minds of the accused (or just get them to incriminate themselves) then ratchet up the charges (and perhaps the fines) based on an interpretation of intent or a coerced confession in what to the left is a rigged game.

Anyone who isn’t ideologically aligned with the left is a bigoted, white supremacist, nazi, hater. Our very breath is a hate crime, not to mention an environmental one. And given that I’ve seen not one Democrat in the state disavow such remarks (or acts of violence in the name of the progressive  faith) the advocacy or imposition of such aggressive “hate crime” policing by any government entity is itself an act of sanctioned discrimination.

Let’s just stick to crime, shall we? People commit them, we investigate them.

We have a Department of Justice, the AG’s office, the State police, local police, sheriffs, county prosecutors, street cops and everything in between. We have a Constitution, and statutes that define what we, the people of New Hampshire, deem inappropriate behavior, and penalties for that behavior.

Stop enabling a thought police culture that will inevitably lead to people’s real rights being trampled by social justice star chambers whose existence will baffle the very minds who’s actions put their creation into motion.

All you are doing is growing government, budgets, mission creep, and the oppressive might of the state, which, if I’m not mistaken, is something Republicans were supposed to oppose.