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Do Modern Democrats Vote for Anything That Will Make Government Smaller?

governmentDecriminalizing marijuana sounds like is a liberty issue. Not so for Democrats.

Addressing the opioid epidemic is sold as an issue of compassion, but to the professional left, it is an opportunity.

Sex trafficking, repackaged and sold as a matter of freedom under the banner of legalized prostitution is not about freedom at all.

And the Progressive obsession with open borders and illegal immigration has nothing whatsoever to do with compassion, concern, or improving the life and lot of others.

In each and every instance, this is about power and money and growing the size and scope of government.

The state will never allow marijuana to be left alone. Some states, like Vermont, tax it so heavily that users who relied on it for pain relief are now considered more likely to use opioids instead.

The opioid situation, whatever its cause, will never benefit much from the column-inches, knee-jerk where’s a microphone reaction of government which is to expand the bureaucracy. Addicts don’t need the bureaucracy nearly as much as the bureaucracy needs them, which should remind you that the bureaucracy always expands.

Did making marijuana “legal” (medical, decrim, any of that) do anything other than create or expand the bureaucracy; to administer to new rent-seekers while the previous one continues with little evidence it will do anything but grow in parallel?

And who magnifies (disguised as public interest reporting) the problems for which the only cure is more tax dollars and public union employees to dispense it? The progressive media.

Issues regarding refugees, illegal immigrants, and human trafficking or sex trafficking all present opportunities for expanding government influence and power, the ultimate goal of every progressive undertaking.

So take heed when the left appears to embrace liberty. Government is incapable of compassion. It can only plunder one pocket to line another, adding regulations for exchange along the way, administered by nearly invisible ‘experts’  that empowers the state over the people.