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Meet Super-enfranchised Keene Student Voter Lily M. Dawson

Lilly DawsonLily M. Dawson of 5 Mohawk Drive, Clinton, Ct. 06413-2012 has some surprises for our informal New Hampshire jury of legally registered voters.

Are you ready ladies and gentlemen of the jury?

Exhibit one. Lily registered to vote in her hometown of Clinton Ct. on April 26, 2016. That would be for the Connecticut Presidential Primary of 2016.

Being a big girl, almost all grown up, she went and filled out all the confusing paperwork to register to vote legally. NH citizens of the jury should be proud of Lily.

Exhibit two. Lily registered to vote in Keene, NH for the 2016 General Election – the one Kelley Ayotte lost by 1,017 out-of-state votes.

Exhibit three. Lily M. Dawson got herself arrested by the Keene Police Department in November of 2017! Almost a year after she registered to vote in NH.

Exhibit four. When asked for some ID by the Keene Police, Lily handed over her Ct. Driver’s license. It had the address: Fieldcrest Rd. Westport Ct. on it.

Presumably, this license was NOT a New Hampshire driver’s license because it had a Connecticut address. Unless the NH State Supreme Court has ruled New Hampshire driver’s licenses can have an out-of-state address on them – Silly Lily is still a Nutmeg State resident.

The NH Supreme Court does come up with some wacky decisions, even after that unfortunate impeachment incident. I guess they haven’t ruled on this one yet.

Silly Lily was born on May 2, 1996. Add 16 years to that date, and Silly Lily most likely got her Connecticut State driver’s license in May of 2011. Any smart girl would.

Since Connecticut licenses are good for six years, Silly Lily would have had to renew that grown-up license by May of 2017 while driving around in circles in Keene, NH. So, what was Silly Lily doing with a Connecticut driver’s license in November of 2017 if she “moved here” to vote in 2016?

Lily M. Dawson is not and never has been a NH resident with legal domicile in our state.

What say you – Jury of NH Voters!?

You have seen the evidence.

Count 1. Was Silly Lily USED by the progressive Democrat candidates?

Count 2. Will Silly Lily be able to vote this November?

Count 3. Do you think Jeanne Shaheen wants Silly Lily to vote in NH in 2018?

Count 4. Does Jeanne Shaheen even care what happens to Super-enfranchised student voters as long as they vote for her?

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