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House Republicans Responsible for Advancing a NH Income Tax Again!

HB 628 Its an income tax - butler serving betterHB 628, which has a tax on income built into it, passed yet another hurdle today when 28 Republicans voted in favor of taxing your income. No need to get into the issues with the bill again for the moment, but if you are new to this debate you can find them here.

Our purpose is to make you aware that (1) no Democrats voted against adding an income tax in New Hampshire, and (2) it could not have passed without  Republican votes. Meaning, the threat of an income tax would have failed if they’d voted against it.

Here’s the list culled from the most recent Roll Call on this legislation.

House Rep. Party County District Vote
Bean, Philip Republican Rockingham 21 Yea
Bove, Martin Republican Rockingham 5 Yea
Cook, Allen Republican Rockingham 11 Yea
Crawford, Karel Republican Carroll 4 Yea
Dowling, Patricia Republican Rockingham 6 Yea
Elliott, Robert Republican Rockingham 8 Yea
Fields, Dennis Republican Belknap 4 Yea
Fothergill, John Republican Coos 1 Yea
Gargasz, Carolyn Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Gay, Betty Republican Rockingham 8 Yea
Grenier, James Republican Sullivan 7 Yea
Griffin, Mary Republican Rockingham 7 Yea
Guthrie, Joseph Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Khan, Aboul Republican Rockingham 20 Yea
MacKay, Mariellen Republican Hillsborough 30 Yea
McCarthy, Michael Republican Hillsborough 29 Yea
McMahon, Charles Republican Rockingham 7 Yea
McNally, Jody Republican Strafford 10 Yea
Merner, Troy Republican Coos 7 Yea
Morrison, Sean Republican Rockingham 9 Yea
Nelson, Bill Republican Carroll 5 Yea
Proulx, Mark Republican Hillsborough 44 Yea
Richardson, Herbert Republican Coos 4 Yea
Scruton, Matthew Republican Strafford 12 Yea
Smith, Steven Republican Sullivan 11 Yea
Sterling, Franklin Republican Cheshire 14 Yea
Stone, Brian Republican Rockingham 1 Yea
Willis, Brenda Republican Rockingham 6 Yea