HB1668 – Uber-Progressive Timothy Horrigan proud to be a Govt Nanny and supplant parental choices

Timothy Horrigan wearing a pussy hatAnd he said this all with a smiley smirk on his face (WMUR.com has the video but won’t allow embedding) as I watched the clip last night.  He’s rather proud of himself as portraying himself as a Nanny with his bill, HB 1668 (posted after the jump), as “the protector of kids!” (reformatted, aggregated, emphasis mine):

I guess this will has been ridiculed as a Nanny State bill. Certainly know that many people think that “Nanny State” is inherently a bad thing.

Oh, it certainly is, Horrigan – and most people rebel at being told they need a Nanny.  In effect, you are telling us from your high Progressive perch that we are incapable of handling ourselves without your hamfisted interventions by demanding, under penalty of law, that restaurants can’t serve soda (“sugary drinks”) to children as a default to a “kid’s meal”.  You really must believe parents are real morons. And then he makes it worse:

I’m sure we’re, you’re going to hear that during the debate. A nanny is a person who cares for, protects and teaches small children, so being a nanny is not necessarily entirely a bad thing. If this bill is passed, children will be protected from the unhealthy effects of artificial sweeteners and excessive sugars, and they will learn to develop healthier dietary habitsWe want to protect children from the adverse effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners while developing better dietary habits.

So who is he protecting them from?  Well, of course, not the restaurateurs that serve kids meals (although that who the bill targets).  Nope, it’s the Parents.  You know, those fools that can’t raise their own children – The State must do it for them.  Yes, Horrigan (who I believe has no children of his own), is steadfast in that he knows better than the actual parents.  Sounds like a govt school employee, doesn’t he (you would have to read the ‘Grok more to understand the backstory of that).

OK, Horrigan, if you want to protect my 2 year old grandson, in your snarky “I’m better than the parents” fashion, tell me how MUCH you love him and want to protect him.  So let’s see if you, in your zeal to keep kids safe from their parents – what’s his name?

Oh, and thank heavens for this little crumb he tosses to parents:

And if you want to buy your child a soda a la carte, you’ll still be able to.”

Well, gee thanks for that tiny morsel of responsibility, Nanny Timmy!  No, this bill doesn’t protect ANY child – it’s a stick in the eye to parents (but y’all got that sentiment already, right?).  You definitely screwed this whole thing right from the get-go with this: one of the  alternatives to soda (or if you are old school Yankee / New Englander – “tonic”) is 100 percent juice or fruit juice. So Nanny Timmy, please tell us how much sugar is in those beverages as well? Congratulations, you’ve only been successful in swapping one “sugary” drink for another almost as bad.  Pat yourself on the back and, don’t forget:

Here’s yer sign!

(Doubtful he’ll get that).  I’m also trying to figure out that other empty-headed boast of his: “developing better dietary habits”.  This will do no such thing at all.  All you ARE going to get are temper tantrums by the kids.  Except for those that have already been well trained and parented to behave well in public.  You know, those parents / adults that you have lumped into your special category of “they’re all dunces – except for us”.

So he has decided, along with the other “Holier than thou” sponsors – ALL Democrats who also believe that parents are stupid and incapable of being responsible for their children:

  • Rep. McBeath  Rock. 26 ( (603)834-3281 )
  • Rep. Murray, Rock. 24    ( Kate.Murray@leg.state.nh.us (603)501-8989)
  • Rep. Francese, Rock. 18 ( Paula.Francese@leg.state.nh.us  (603)778-1726)

And of course, Nanny Timmy can be reached at either (603)868-3342 or at Timothy.Horrigan@leg.state.nh.us

Go ahead, let these busybodies and buttinskis know how you feel.

UPDATE: I transcribed this and forgot to add it in – NH State Rep Victoria Sullivan (emphasis mine):

I think here in the “Live Free or Die” State we’ve just crossed a line here.  As a Mom, I am fully capable in making the decisions on what my children are going to eat and going to drink.

But Victoria, don’t you know that Progressives HATE our motto??

(H/T: WMUR, UL, SeacoastOnline)


The bill:





AN ACT relative to children’s meals served by food service establishments.

SPONSORS: Rep. McBeath, Rock. 26; Rep. Murray, Rock. 24; Rep. Horrigan, Straf. 6; Rep. Francese, Rock. 18

COMMITTEE: Commerce and Consumer Affairs



This bill limits the type of beverages offered with a children’s meal to milk, water, sparkling or flavored water, and juice.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Explanation: Matter added to current law appears in bold italics.
Matter removed from current law appears [in brackets and struckthrough.]
Matter which is either (a) all new or (b) repealed and reenacted appears in regular type.


In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Eighteen

AN ACT relative to children’s meals served by food service establishments.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1  New Subdivision; Children’s Meals.  Amend RSA 143-A by inserting after section 20 the following new subdivision:

Children’s Meals

143-A:21  Beverages Offered with Children’s Meals.

I.  If a food service establishment licensed under RSA 143-A:4 offers a children’s meal that includes a choice of beverage, the beverages offered shall be limited to milk or a non-dairy milk alternative, 100 percent juice or fruit juice combined with water or carbonated water with no added caloric sweetness, water, sparkling water, or flavored water with no added natural or artificial sweeteners.

II.  In this section, a “children’s meal” means a combination of food items or food and a beverage that is sold together at a single price and is primarily intended for consumption by children.

III.  Nothing in this section shall preclude the food service establishment from offering any lawful nonalcoholic beverage to a minor for a charge.

2  Effective Date.  This act shall take effect November 1, 2018.

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