[Update] Free Market At Work: Store in Derry, NH Won't Serve Republicans...[We we're hacked!] - Granite Grok

[Update] Free Market At Work: Store in Derry, NH Won’t Serve Republicans…[We we’re hacked!]

The_Used_Apple_Store_PicI love it when liberals embrace the power and risk of private business ownership.

The Used Apple Store posted to its Facebook page on Monday that the company will refuse services to those affiliated with the Republican party. How can they tell which customers are Republican? Well, they just know, store owner Billy Williams told NH1 on Tuesday. 

The Used Apple Store refusing service is a form of a protest against what the Republican Party stands for, he said.

“Well, they just know?”

“Individually we need to make our decisions on how we want to see the economic engine move forward,” he said. “If you don’t like Republicans, don’t serve them, don’t buy their products.”

I agree, but that’s not really how it works and this liberal should know that. But maybe not. We should test this out.

I assume the prohibition on service includes black, female, Gay, or transitioning Republicans (and I don’t mean Republicans who are becoming more progressive).

I think Republicans who just happen to be of color, or Jewish, or Islamic, or Female, or Gay should attempt to obtain service from this establishment. And be proud, dammit.

Then, if so inclined, treat them as if you were a liberal should they refuse. Make a scene. Call the media. Report them to the AG. Get your friends to write letters to the Derry News, Union Leader, etc., about the racist bigots. Threaten to sue them into poverty for refusing service to a person of color, a gay, or a woman.

If they do serve you but refuse to help white Republicans, Republicans of color should call the media, report them to the AG, get their friends to write letters to the Derry News, Union Leader, etc., all about the racist bigots at the Used Apple Store in Derry.

I think it’s awesome that as a private business they want to take a stand but make them take it. All of it.


[Update] Just because it’s out there, the story linked above is now being associated with a hack.

NH1 has not updated their story to reflect this claim at this time.

The Used Apple Store says: “Yes, we were hacked. But in a way that’s not common. We did post something that was slightly controversial. But what happened next was the hack.

People created fake spoof accounts that replicated our FaceBook page down to every detail. They also created fake accounts in the business owners name. They then cross fed the feeds. Then they posted things that tried validating the connection between the accounts. We were tipped off because of a newspaper that contacted us and we allowed them to interview the owner. Something she asked about us “banning straight people” sent up a red flag. After 5 minutes we realized the newspaper was reading a spoofed page. This was about 7 o clock tonight. Since then we have been figuring out how this was done and the extent.

All of this has caused the page to go viral and we are approaching 100,000 views. There seems to be no way to know if what you read was from us or not or if comments left to you was from us or not. And there’s too many to figure out, they were coming in at 2 comments per second at one point and about 10 views per second.

We spent 6 hours responding to as many as we could until 7 o’clock then we were posting about how it was fake and we were spoofed. Then the spoofers were able to respond immediately to each of our comments, not sure if this was an inside FaceBook job. So we are just letting this go for tonight, seeing how we want to approach it tomorrow.

Rest assure(d), we were only kind and honest in all of our comments. If you saw something else, it most likely wasn’t us.”


I’ll add another update if I discover that NH1 has modified their original report.