Every school shooter you’ve heard of came out of public schools - Granite Grok

Every school shooter you’ve heard of came out of public schools

look-son-an-angry-purple-haired-woman-dressed-as-a-vagina-24949691While the professional left and their collectivist herd bleat and low about the government watchdogs that failed again having more power to watch over this or that, the political Right is having an increasingly constructive discussion about how we got here from there.

We built a culture in which celebrity is our highest aspiration. From “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” to “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” we have taught our kids that being rich, being famous, being glamorous is what’s important. When we cut ourselves loose from any virtue higher than others’ opinions of us, no one thought it would result in a generation of teens who eat Tide Pods for a few Youtube clicks.  Because no one ever thought.

I think plenty of people thought about a lot of it but as Andrew Klavan points out here,

For fifteen years and more, I have been complaining that the right is silenced in our culture — blacklisted and excluded and ignored in entertainment, mainstream news outlets, and the universities.

He’s not alone. Kimberly and I discussed it just last night. GraniteGrok’s pages are filled with links, references, and our own observations about the Left’s commitment to weaponize every part of the culture so they can silence speech they oppose. Where violence is not just an option, it is necessary and endorsed. All of which, as Klavan points out, belongs on the doorstep of the left.

But the flip side of that is this: the degradation of our culture is almost entirely a leftist achievement. Over the last fifty years, it’s the left that has assaulted every moral norm and disdained every religious and cultural restraint.

The left owns the dismal tide. They don’t like the results? They’re looking for someone or something to blame? Maybe they should start by hunting up a mirror.

El Borak at Men of The West has more to say about the culture thus created.

We tore down all barriers related to morality, especially sexual morality. We started with serial monogamy and hookup culture and moved right into married gays and bent genders. Now after 12 years of sex education our kids don’t even know what sex they are. We purposely tore down every protective social wall that humanity spent the previous 5 millennia constructing. No one ever thought to ask why they were constructed in the first place. Because no one ever thought.

…We are but intersectionalities of aggrieved classes, competing for the most oppression points by demonizing our fellow citizens for the original sin of being born white or male or straight or with 2 legs. We have set an entire generation against itself with manufactured claims of oppression. Did we truly not think that some of them would take up arms against the others or that a few would seek to destroy the many?  

He goes on, and feel free to read it all,

A high school of 3,000 students is a factory. It alienates kids. It harms them in ways that are impossible to measure and difficult to comprehend. Every school shooter you’ve heard of came out of public schools, most of them suburban.

Which I didn’t check but it sounds true, which means the people most responsible for the state of our culture, the leaders of that bi-coastal fringe party with their trillion dollar media and entertainment soapbox, and a smattering of redoubts in debt-ridden, crime-riddled ghettoes of liberalism sprinkled across flyover country, vehemently oppose efforts to give kids and parents choices other than those union-run education factories.

We know who broke the culture. We know how they broke it. And we can see what this has wrought. And if we can’t fix it, which some suggest is this case, isn’t it time the Left got the credit they deserve for not just creating monsters but doing everything in their power to make sure they can be successful?