Even Sasquatch Leaves Tracks

by Ed Naile

CommissiononCivilRights-featI was at the US Civil Rights Commission hearing in Raleigh, North Carolina recently and sat through hours of testimony, by what amounted to race hustlers spinning tales of minority disenfranchisement.

The hallway outside the hearing was my “safe space” when it got too bad. When you hear someone say “We need to have a conversation” for the tenth time in seven minutes, the gag reflex sets in, even in me, after years of listening to New Hampshire election officials lie about the words domicile and resident.

Somehow, any change in any election laws, polling places, bus routes, or ballot printing, is racist and disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of minorities. Shocking story, after shocking story piled up on top of each other – all day long.

The Stockholm Syndrome was setting in. You had to believe that undocumented cases of voter disenfranchisement were absolute proof of minority voter disenfranchisement. The hearing captives were pre-inclined to believe the stories of mass-disenfranchisement, and side with this absurdity, long before the circus came to Raleigh.

If only the US Civil Rights Commission asked for some proof of voter fraud committed against minorities. I wonder what that would look like? I didn’t see any.

It is as though hundreds of thousands of election crimes against minorities can’t be caught on camera or documented in any way. Lots of lawyers “help” track minority disenfranchisement but none have thought to document it on camera.

Here in New Hampshire, the disenfranchisement of NH citizens looks exactly like the Project Veritas Video.

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers helped catch this vote thief, dirtball, Hugo E. Palma. He is one of the thousands of out of state voters who steal the votes of NH citizens every election cycle. The NH Secretary of State has, in his possession, the names of at least 6,500 more – just from 2016.

This is what disenfranchisement of legal voters looks like. I didn’t see anything in Raleigh like this. You would think minority voter activists could come up with one instance. Maybe I missed it.

If you see Secretary of State William Gardner before he retires – ask him about this.

The next time I testify about voter disenfranchisement in our state, maybe I should bring up the fact that NH willfully allows voter disenfranchisement of NH citizens by tracking it and not prosecuting it. I have more proof of that than anything I saw in Raleigh.


Update: Initially published under the incorrect author. Corrected.

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  • Bruce Currie

    It’s just amazing what one can’t see when one is intentionally not looking for it. On the other hand: “The federal court in Richmond found that the primary purpose of North Carolina’s [law] wasn’t to stop voter fraud, but rather to disenfranchise minority voters. The judges found that the provisions ‘target African Americans with almost surgical precision.'”

    • Next, you’ll be asking us to give welfare benefits to undocumented immigrants without being “racist” enough to ask for ID. Oh, wait…..

      • allen

        howie carr usually gets the cops who arrest illegals to let him know how many EBT cards they have. most times it’s 5 or more.

        but nah, there’s no fraud there. they were just…holding them. for a friend. really. honest.

        the people who say there is no voter fraud are the same people who say there is no welfare fraud.

    • allen

      it’s sad when your opinion of minority voters is they are too dumb to get an ID without help. I’d rather be of the opinion that if they thought it was important, they’d get off their butts and do it. it’s not terribly difficult.

      your side is good at mobilizing voters. I give you credit there. but you can’t muster the people required to get them ID’s, when that would help them so much in their lives? I mean, they’d be able to get a beer and a pack of smokes after they voted! and board an airplane! or actually go to the welfare offices located in federal buildings!

      of course, if they all had ID’s, then it would be a lot harder for people to vote “early and often”, wouldn’t it?



      • Bruce Currie

        Sorry to post inconvenient facts. Instead of deflecting from the facts at hand, you should be asking why the Richmond federal court “found that the primary purpose of North Carolina’s [law]…was to disenfranchise minority voters. The judges found that the provisions ‘target African Americans with almost surgical precision.'”

        • allen

          I don’t care what the court “found”. they likely couldn’t find their buttcheeks with both hands and a map. the purpose of the law was to make sure everyone only votes once and they’re voting where they should. shouldn’t that be something you’re FOR? please, speak up, because if you’re not for that I’ll be happy to fill a few buses with people from MA and bring ’em up to your district on election day. none of them will have ID, they’ll all claim to have “domicile” in NH and not letting them vote will be..well one of those -ist or -phobe words your kind are fond of using. hell I’ll vote in my town and pop on over and vote in your town too. and every town in between, I’ve got all day. why not? if you don’t let me it would be “targeting” my vote with “surgical precision”, right?

          do these “african american voters” drive cars? drink beer? smoke? do anything else that requires an ID? do you really think they’re so stupid they can’t possibly be expected to get one, or is your party so inept you can’t arrange to get your voters to get them? or are you using this as another cover for voter fraud?

          pick one. because we’re all sick and tired of the excuses. freaking INDIA can manage to get all of it’s voters an ID, and require it to vote, but we can’t?

          • Bruce Currie

            “I don’t care what the court “found”. That kind of claim demonstrates contempt for the rule of law. And you can’t just make stuff up–the claim that busloads of out-of-state voters were brought into NH is false. And the fact that college students are legally entitled to vote in NH, and do so, is not “voter fraud” either. But repeating a lie is fraud, and a tactic of totalitarians.

          • allen

            you have yet to pick bruce..are your voters too stupid to get an ID, is your party too inept to organize them to get ID’s, or are you using this lack of ID’s for some nefarious purposes? you claim to want to help these people.. wouldn’t getting everyone an ID help them? wouldn’t that be a nice bipartisan issue where both sides could work together to make that happen? or, if the republicans balk at the effort it would give you a nice campaign slogan and leverage on those people you helped without the republicans?

            yet here we are, and you’re side is not moving. seems like you’re defaulting towards option 3.

            I have the same “contempt” for the law that Captain Parker had when he was told to disperse by the redcoats. I have contempt for the Dred Scott decision and US V.Miller 1939 and a hundred other glaringly stupid decisions that count as “law”. the law is a joke and has been for a long time. judges don’t decide if a law is constitutional any more..they decide if they like the law first, then twist it however they need in order to come to the conclusion they want.

            oh and it’s called “reading comprehension” go back and re-read what I wrote.did I claim that there were busloads of voters? NOPE! I said that **!** would bring in busloads of voters! and why not? if the LAW says those bused in voters are just as good as the ones who actually live here..all they have to do is “claim a domicile”…I’m simply taking advantage of the law, right? how is that “contempt”?

            a college student, who pays out of state tuition rates, has out of state plates on his car, has an out of state drivers license, is no more a “resident” of the state than a person flying over on their way to canada. if they wished to be a resident they would go through the steps to become one!

            when I was in the military, there was an outstanding effort to get people to vote…in their home state. I see no reason the various universities in NH could not apply the same standards. if these kids wish to be civic minded, more power to them..but they should do it in the state they legally reside in, NOT HERE. and if they continue to do so, be sure that we conservatives will happily take advantage of the exact same loophole until half the population of the US is voting here as “domiciled” residents of NH. someday, you will get the hint and fix the damned problem. until then, you give us no other option but to make you drink from the fire hose until you are no longer thirsty. or you drown, whichever comes first.

          • Ed Naile

            I guess no one should mind if I turn the Ct. college student voters in to their home state.
            And publish their personal information found on their home state voter checklist.

          • allen

            please do! I hope they all get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and just in time so that college students will hesitate during the next election.

          • Bruce Currie

            Those attending college in NH are legally entitled to vote here. It’s not voter fraud. They disenfranchise no one when they vote. That’s cheap rhetoric that is intentionally inflammatory–and dishonest.

            Enacting laws that make it harder for the poor and minorities to vote, erase large numbers of people from voter rolls, and gerrymander districts, are the well-documented acts of those who really disenfranchise citizens.

          • sb

            You still haven’t answered the question. How does requiring ID and ensuring that only the people who live in a certain area vote in that certain area disenfranchise poor people and minorities?

          • sb

            Do you think that people who own or rent a second home in the mountains here or on one of the NH lakes should be able to vote here too?

          • Ed Naile

            Those living on a military base in NH would not be allowed to vote here.
            So now you know who progressives think deserve extra rights.
            It really is simple.

          • sb

            Yep! It’s very simple. And Bruce won’t answer the questions directly. Go figure.

          • allen

            bruce, if I went to college in CT, would I be able to vote there? name another state that lets out-of-state students vote. none of these college students have gone through any of the motions to actually become residents. if they had tried and been denied somehow, ok I could go along with that..but they haven’t. out of state drivers licenses, out of state vehicle registrations. both of these things could be taken care of in about an hour at a town hall. do they not have that sort of time? wouldn’t it be worth it for the revenue to help them?


            “Once a person has established residency in New Hampshire he/she has a maximum of 60 days to register his/her vehicle(s) and obtain a New Hampshire driver license”

            so, why are college students, who wish to vote here, exempt from the laws of residency? strange..you democrats seem to exempt protected classes from the law, then call others who wish the law enforced “contempt for the law”. the voter ID was SETTLED LAW, just like abortion. why do you have contempt for SETTLED LAW?

            if I was in the air force,say at the New Boston air base, would I be able to vote there? why do we not extend the same voting rights to people who are in the military that we do to college students? are college students more important than people who are actually serving our country? or is it that military is more likely to vote in a direction you don’t particularly like, and you want to engineer the vote?

            if I were to fly into NH for a weekend from new york, stay at a hotel, or someone’s house, would I be able to vote here?


            if the poor and minorities are having a hard time voting.. perhaps we should help them all get ID’s. so that we can help them in all parts of their life instead of just voting. again, are you saying the poor and minorities are too stupid to get an ID, or your party is too incompetent to organize them to get ID’s, or are you using this lack of ID’s for another purpose? for shame, on all three counts bruce. using the poor and minorities like that. are they sheep to you? or do you actually want to help them instead of use them?

            why is is you never seem to answer any of these questions bruce? are they uncomfortable?

        • sb

          How does requiring an ID and expecting one to vote in one’s own district disenfranchise minority voters? In your own words. I don’t give a fig what the Washington Post or Slate says.

          • Ed Naile

            sb and Allen:
            More minorities voted in NC after the new voter ID laws – proof of racism, if you are a race hustler.
            The Voter Integrity Project of NC targeted illegal voters – by name – and out of several hundred cases of voter fraud only a handful have been prosecuted.
            In NC the penalty for stealing pine mulch is more than voter fraud.
            You have to realize that to prosecute vote fraud to the fullest extent – as in NH’s 6,500 Gardner documented, would be to expose how much of it there is.
            (Bad for progressive proponents of voter fraud)

          • allen

            a good way to penalize people who are frauds is to throw them out of school. most schools do this for far lesser infractions. I have read that SNHU will expel a student for shoplifting, no matter what the cost of the item was. I’m not sure how well this is enforced though.

            isn’t disenfranchising a citizen’s vote, by cancelling it out, a far greater crime than shoplifting?

          • Ed Naile

            “Disenfranchised” is a code word the left uses to legalize voter fraud.
            Like “domicile” any word in the way of stealing an election loses all former meaning
            NAZI’s burn books
            Communists murder anyone who can read or write.
            Socialists just make stuff up.
            It’s an old formula.

          • allen

            it’s not a “code word”. we need to start using words he’ll understand.

            it’s a racist dog whistle. he thinks minorities and the poor are too stupid to get ID’s. but he is happy to help them to vote for him.

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